I pray to God you and your Families are well, your health is robust, business is thriving, everything is perfect and stay in God’s Love, Grace, Guidance and Mercy.

“In another religion they honor people who serve like you with Sainthood!”” – Economics Professor Adeel Malik,Oxford University, England and World Renowned News Expert Commentator, speaking about Abdul-Jalil and the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation.

“GOD sent me an ANGEL!”” – Hammer, speaking about Abdul-Jalil.

“Jalil, YOU ARE A TZADIK (SAINT)!”– Barry Barkan, Live Oak Institute and
  Ashoka Fellow at Ashoka Foundation:Innovators for the Public

“I thank God for you and for bringing you into my life and for the ministry you have been given to help the people of God!”– Pastor L. J. Jennings, Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship, speaking about Abdul-Jalil and AMWF

“Certificate of Recognition” from CALIFORNIA SATE ASSEMBLY

In 1971, I had the DISTINCT HONOR of having my Portrait painted by Beauford Delaney-  “Portraitist of the Famous”, the most important African-American artists of the 20th century! He has painted portraits of Emperor Halle Selassie of Ethiopia, W.E.B. Du Bois, John F. Kennedy, Salvadore Dalí, James Baldwin, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker,  Langston Hughes, Robert Kennedy, Marian Anderson, Jacob Lawrence, Ella Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, Charlie Parker, James Jones, Jean Genet, Ethel Waters, Cab Calloway, W.C. Handy, Countee Cullen, Henry Miller, Jean-Claude Killy, Herb Gentry, Alain Locke, Cy Twombly, Sterling Brown, Georgia O’Keeffe, Augusta Savage, Stuart Davis, Richard A. Long, John Koenig, Jackson Pollock, Vassili Pikoula, Henri Chahine, Lawrence Calcagno, Elaine DeKooning, Palmer C. Hayden, Darthea Speyer, Herbert Gentry, Ed Clark, James Jones. Henry Miller, Richard Wright, Jacob Lawrence, to name a few!

As CEO and President of the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (AMWF), I want to sincerely “THANK” ALL my/our supporters and I am thankful of the recognition for the work done as a Humanitarian for societal change/advancement with the establishment of real economic, social, and political equality across gender and color lines, in Civil Rights and Social Services addressing: Homelessness; Constitutional Reform; Social Justice Reform; Hunger and Food Insecurity; Police Reform; Climate Justice Reform; Criminal Justice Reform; Gun Violence; Religious Hate, Bias, Islamophobia, Xenaphobia and Bigotry; Immigration/Refugee Crisis; Healthcare; Education Equality; School-to-Prison Pipeline; Wealth Inequality/Poverty and Basic Needs; Voter Rights; COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Response; Sport and Athletes Human Rights and the fight for Judicial Reform to END Grand Systemic and Endemic Corruption, that includes Judicial/Legal Systemic Racism, Bigotry, Persecution, as a subset, that provides for the unlawful, and unconstitutional acts of The “COURTEL”COURT CORRUPTION CARTEL, the Corruptocrats and Kleptocrat politicians.

I, Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, as a Muslim litigant, in 2005 filed a Federal Corruption Complaint with the United States Attorney General, Department of Justice, of a Hate Crime of Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Bigotry, Racism  and Civil/Human Rights Violations committed against him through State sponsored persecutory terror and civil conspiracy by Federal, Sate, County and Local Judicial, Law enforcement, Governmental and Legal entities and agencies!

Federal Corruption Complaint with the United States Attorney General, Department of Justice, also brought charges of criminal extrinsic fraud upon the court of the State of California, spoliation of evidence, and fraud against defendants/hostile intervener AAA Insurance; Ron Cook and the law firm of WILLOUGHBY, STUART & BENING; defense counsel Steve Barber and the law firm of Ropers Majeski; and others. The complaint, drafted and filed by al-Hakim, has broad based support from Democrats and Republicans, was submitted by Congresswoman Barbara Lee with the offices of Congressmen John Conyers, and Charles Rangel, has been review by several legal experts, with advocacy by former Republican Representative J. C. Watts, a client of al-Hakim’s.

The complaint addresses the concern that a Superior Court Judges’ conduct rose to the level of consideration for a Federal Crime and a Civil Rights violation because the bench upon which the judge rules is “under the color of law” and certainly the violation of anyone’s civil rights is a federal crime. “Muslims, just as any other group, can not be afraid to speak up when their rights have been abridged. If one does not speak up, then the transgressions goes unreported and the perpetrator goes on to harm again unchecked, it does not matter whom the transgressor is” said al-Hakim. The complaint, perhaps even more importantly, not only requested Merrily Friedlander, Chief of the Civil Rights Division, to make an investigation of a judicial hate crime, but also the many other civil rights and due process violations of judicial misconduct, and attorney extrinsic fraud upon the court and law that are themselves directly the matters complained. J. C. Watts in asking “What does a supposed terrorist act in Russia have to do with the negligent contamination of a home in America?” posed the argument that there must be consideration of and a response to the many issues in the complaint.

Abdul-Jalil was Honored in June 2011 in Port Au-Prince, Haiti and Miami, Fla. for 2010 Relief Missions to Haiti by The World Conference of Mayors (WCM) and The National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM); and 1997 Awarded national recognition as “Muslim of the Year” from Imam W. D. Mohammed Community.

He has negotiated a series of contracts that included many unprecedented benefits to the individual clients, one of which was interest-free loans that could be forgiven. Upon review by the Internal Revenue Service, the contracts and  returns where thrown out and challenged by the IRS as the IRS filed suit. After an 8 year legal battle, he prevailed in Federal Tax Court and established that Interest free Loans where in fact legal. This unprecedented legal ruling was established as a standard in the Tax Laws and was written in several National Law Journals. Cite:  “IRS vs Al-Hakim” published by Commerce Clearing House(CCH) Tax Court Memorandum Cases editions KF 6234A 505 and Maxwell McMillian (Prentice Hall) Federal Tax Cases edition KF 6234A 512 Tax Court Memorandum Decisions. Articles and citations available upon request….

The Historic “al-Hakim” Tax Code §7872 [692] Ruling
After al-Hakim’s victory in the Federal Tax Courts against the Tax Commissioner, in December 2000 the IRS moved to change the Tax Codes with the historic “al-Hakim” Tax Code §7872 [692] Ruling. The IRS changed the Federal Tax Codes such that it now “prevents no-interest loans” and was instituted to eliminate and close the Federal Income Tax loop-hole created with al-Hakim’s use of interest free loans in sports and entertainment financial transactions.
CITE: Tax Notes, Dec. 4, 2000, p. 1311; 89 Tax Notes 1311 (Dec. 4, 2000) “al-Hakim Tax Code” Ruling.

al-Hakim’s victory in the Federal Tax Court over the U. S. Tax Commissioner has the nations foremost academic institutions and academians in the study of Law and Business teaching al-Hakim’s use of interest free loans in Tax Free financial transactions as part of the Law and Business ciriculum in such hallowed halls as Harvard University, Yale University,Washington University, Stanford University, University of Virginia, and Wake Forest University Schools of Law Federal Tax Courses, among others.

Washington University School of Law Federal Tax Course,
Professor: Bixby;

Yale University School of Law Federal Tax Course,
Professor: Eric M. Zolt
Text Authors: William A. Klein, Joseph Bankman, Daniel N. Shaviro;

University of Virginia School of Law Federal Tax Course,
Professor: M. Robinson * Federal Income Taxation * L. Dominick
Text Authors: William A. Klein, Joseph Bankman, Daniel N. Shaviro;

Washington & Lee University School of Law Federal Tax Course,

Harvard University School of Law Federal Income Taxation Course Outline,
Professor: Flusche

al-Hakim’s victory in the Federal Tax Court over the U. S. Tax Commissioner has academians teaching al-Hakim’s use of interest free loans in Tax Free financial transactions as part of a Wake Forest University School of Law Federal Tax Course on “ISLAMIC AND JEWISH PERSPECTIVES ON INTEREST” and al-Hakim’s historic impact on Shariah-Riba Complaint financial transactions in the business world.

Wake Forest University School of Law Tax Course on “ISLAMIC & JEWISH PERSPECTIVES ON INTEREST”,

Author/Professor: Newman, Joel S.
al-Hakim’s victory in the Federal Tax Court over the U. S. Tax Commissioner has academians teaching al-Hakim’s use of interest free loans in Tax Free financial transactions as part of the Wake Forest University School of Law Federal Tax Course on “ISLAMIC AND JEWISH PERSPECTIVES ON INTEREST” and al-Hakim’s historic impact on Shariah-Riba Complaint financial transactions in the business world.
Joel S. Newman is a professor at Wake Forest Law School, Winston Salem, North Carolina.
In this report, Newman discusses financial transactions that allow devout Muslims and Jews to obey religious prohibitions against interest, while giving investors a return on their investments. The tax treatment of these transactions is considered. An integral part is al-Hakim’s case.


~ National Lawyers Guild, ~ Muslim Bar Association of New York, ~ Houston Muslim Lawyers , ~ National Muslim Law Students Association, ~ Association of Muslim-American Lawyers, ~ Associate Board Member- University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business East Bay Alumni Network




~Music in Islam, University of California, Berkeley, CA 2003~ National Islamic Convention, Seacaucus., NJ 1997,~ Host Evening of Elegance, National Arabic Conference, Oakland, CA. 1997,~ National Islamic Convention, N.Y.C, N.Y. 1996,~ International Islamic Conference, Los Angeles, CA. 1996,~ Oaktown Music Conference, Oakland, CA 1996,~ National Society of Black Engineers Conference-Region 6, San Luis Obispo, CA.  1992,~ CAREER FEST, Oakland, CA. 1986, ~ California State University, Hayward, CA.  1985,~ United States Coast Guard, Oakland, CA.  1982,~ National BALSA Law Conference, Houston, TX 1981,~ National BALSA Law Conference, Philadelphia, PA. 1982,~ National BALSA Law Conference, Oakland, CA. 1979,~ National BALSA Law Conference, N.Y.C., N.Y. 1980,~ Mountain Regional Law Convention, Oklahoma City, OK. 1980,~ College of Alameda, Alameda, CA.  1981,~ Eastern Regional Law Conference, Washington D.C. 1980,~ National Black Media Convention, Oakland, CA. 1972,~ National BALSA Law Conference, Washington D.C. 1976,~ Pacific Coast Law Conference, San Francisco, CA. 1976,~ Stanford Law Society, Palo Alto, CA. 1976,~ National Black History Week Awards, San Francisco, CA, 1974, ~ Golden State Warriors Adonal Foyle’s “Athletics and Academics” Basketball Camp, Oakland, CA. 2006, 

March 1979- The Historic BALSA 1979 National Law Convention
The historic Black American Law Students Association, 11th Annual National Convention, March 28-April 1, 1979, Hyatt, Oakland, was themed: “The Reconstruction of Black Civilizations.” Dedicated to- Rev. Ben Chavis of the Wilmington Ten, Introduction- Mayor Lionel Wilson, Keynote Speaker- Min. Louis Farrakhan, with veritable “Who’s Who” of nations leading Black presenters: Junius Williams-Pres. NBA, Hon. Ben Travis, Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, Don Warden (Khalid al-Mansour), Dave Wilmont-Georgetown Law Center; Howard Moore, Alfred Slocum- Rutgers School of Law, Angela Davis, Victor Goode- Ex. Dir. NCBL, Hon. Judith Ford, Herb Reed- Howard School of Law, Asa Hilliard, Nathan Hare, Ron Baily- Northwestern University, Michael Ashburne, David Hall- FTC, Denice Carty Bernia- North Eastern University; Moot Court Judges: Hon. Wiley Manuel, Hon. Clinton White, Hon. David Cunningham, Hon. Allen Broussard, with “Thanks” to -John Burris, Peter Cohen, Claude Ames, Robert Harris, Eva Patterson, George Holland.

“The Evening of Elegance” Oakland, CA, 1997-Host with M. C. Hammer;

“1995 Sports Image Awards” Honoring Mohammed Ali

National Footbal League Super Bowl

In 1994 Awarded Silver Cross Pen and Pencil Set for “Distinguished Marketing and Promotional Services” to National Footbal League Super Bowl and “NFL Experience” by NFL Properties.

July 1996-  “Community Movement Toward Improvement” Music Conference at Clara Muhammed School & Masjidul Waritheen
“Community Movement Toward Improvement” Music Conference at Clara Muhammed School & Masjidul Warithdeen in Oakland, California featuring MC Hammer, Martin Wyatt-KGO TV, Mohammed (MTV Real World-SF),Sway, Imani, Davey D, Raphael Saadiq- Tony Toni Tone, Greg Khalid Peck- Warner Bros,Karen Lee- Warner Bros Music, Eric B, Rico Cassanova, Abdul-Jalil,Tony Collins- Giant Records, Anita Greathouse-Knight, Gene Shelton, Lenny Williams,Thembisa Mshaka, Roy Tesfaye-Death Row Records shown in ABC-TV news clip.


But the REAL recognition comes from the count of the Angels on judgment day!

We’ve ALL been watching the news, horrified, for the last years as the COVID-19 pandemic, political unrest, police brutality, violence, housing crisis, voter rights violations, food and essentials shortages, wild fires, and unemployment runs rampant, uncontrolled through every state, it’s clear that this is what the NEW racism looks like in America TODAY.

  AMWF has taken the lead in servicing and protecting the poor, homeless, immigrants, refugees and senoir shut-in residents from COVID-19 extending these various services and programs to the economically, mentally, and physically challenged; the needy; the undereducated and undeserved; people living with symptomatic HIV and AIDS; substance abuse; seniors 55 years and older; prenatal women; at risk youth; and homebound people living with serious illness!

 We are and have been heavily involved in the servicing of these communities since the 1970’s that now suddenly the government needs to address as this Deadly agent of the spread of the virus. Providing food IS AN ESSENTIAL service, so we are used for that purpose, we added new food resource donors, we MUST be out to serve and our work has TRIPLED!

  We provide FREE groceries, clothing, shoes, hygiene kits, sleeping bags, blankets, medicine, and hot chef’s prepared gourmet meals to the homeless and homeless encampments and habitations of ALL kinds, from the streets to parks, from trees and bushes to alleys, from corners to ditches, from hand built shanties to tents under freeway overpasses!

  We provide FREE groceries, bagged and hot chef’s prepared gourmet meals, plus the above, to the Safe Parking Programs, among others, at local senior and community centers, and faith based organizations in an effort to provide families and/or individuals who have been displaced and are temporarily homeless, living in their vehicles and need a safe place to park and sleep overnight, with restrooms and an attendant present throughout the night at all of the locations.

  We also provide food to those that had previously obtained necessary items at their Senior Center. But now that they’re closed are vital to the wellness of the community and senior population with our Food Bank program and Free Farmers Market Food Give-Aways.

  One Blessing of the pandemic is we have added MORE retail grocery stores pick ups and arranged several other groups programs with the young adults and kids to participate in servicing the poor, homeless, and senoir shut-in’s, since they are out of school and need something to do, AHDL!! This will stick with them for LIFE!

 We also recently handed out over 400 Eid gifts/toys to the youth.

  The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (AMWF), a public services organization based on GIVING AND SHARING, is non-denominational, Multi-Cultural, 100% volunteer financed and operated relief organization that provides FREE charitable assistance to the general public with food, medicine, clothing, educational and employment opportunities, mental and physical health referrals, legal aid, shelter and other necessities to individuals, children, families, and organizations who lack these essentials for any reason. We provide private school and college admissions educational opportunities; assists with referrals for job training and placement; rental assistance; social services assistance; homelessness assistance; mental and physical health assistance; medical assistance and legal aid assistance referrals FREE for ANYONE whom has the need.

AMWF serves and provides more direct and meaningful essential sustenance in the form of food, clothing, educational opportunities, medical and legal aid, social services, housing aid, to Muslims in America, per Allah (SWT), then ALL the Islamic charity groups COMBINED in the United States including Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Circle of North America ICNA, Islamic Society of North America ISNA, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), Muslim American Society (MAS), Muslim Community Association, MCA-SFBA, American Muslim Alliance (AMA), Center for Islamic Pluralism (CIP), Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA), the Muslim Reform Movement (MRM), Muslims Facing Tomorrow (MFT), the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), The Mosque Cares, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA), Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA), Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), American Muslim Alliance (AMA), The Mosque Foundation, American Muslim Task Force (AMTF), American Muslims for Civic Engagement (AMCE), The North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), the Muslim Students Association (MSA), United Muslim Americans Association (UMAA), United Muslims of America (UMA), the UMMA, Inner-City Muslim Action Network, Muslim Advocates, Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD), United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), MuslimARC, and Zaytuna College!!

We serve the indigent, homeless, needy, under privileged, disadvantaged, disabled persons, underserved, children, many in the Autism Spectrum and other afflictions. We conduct outreach to those living on the streets and offer benefits such as medical and mental health services, substance abuse treatment, social and psychological services, educational support to facilitate homeless student’s transition to school, transitional housing opportunities, and, eventually, permanent housing.  We are serving our clients with mobile hot spot access to complete the necessary forms for service to those chronic homeless and those that do not have internet access to get them off the streets and rally support and create stabilized, lasting solutions.

 We have massive list of clients that we communicate with daily through the same means that we now provide referrals, mail, email, phone, text and voice mail message service with and for our clients.

By way of our global accessible services, we have pioneered new, disruptive healing solutions that take advantage of each of our unique assets to rally our clients in support of our donors charitable causes.

We have hundreds of daily uniquely distinctive, necessitous, and discrete web visitors to video chat, online chat, text, phone, email, and voice mail messages, to obtain precise information designed to relieve their concerns with confidential information and real help with specific performance in the form of any type of the most effective remedy in protecting the expectation interest of the clients. We are able to notice and communicate with 1,000’s via text message at a moments notice!

Our members, and the people we serve are of different race, faith, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation and income levels. AMWF by providing direct services, including providing nutritious food; edvocating for and participating in many relevant social service programs that promote the self-sufficiency of people in need; educating the general public about these issues, their causes and this partial solution while inspiring a consummate social conscience and honoring the dignity of every person. As part of that principal mission, AMWF works for basic economic survival security for all and the elimination of poverty by providing these services thus effecting societal and governmental policies that regulate the less fortunate to the bottom of the economic, social, health, and opportunity pyramid, with full understanding that any policy which affects the poorest of us affects all of us.

We provide essential services to many inter-faith based organizations with the aim of bettering the condition of the less fortunate. In that spirit of outreach, we have supplied many Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Disabled, Unabled, multi-cultural, inter-faith based businesses and organizations with staples that are in turn distributed to the public, and these events are NOT only fundraisers, BUT MOST are totally free to the public, there is no charge for anything to anyone.

AMWF features high-performing results in the invaluable areas of: youth development; elementary, secondary and college education; poverty alleviation; mental and physical health medical services; social services, as well as other economic-empowerment programs for individuals, families; and small businesses. 

AMWF has forged an awareness and sustained an effort to connect those in dire need with service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups with these causes. We have taken community foundations and moved into social networking, reaching beyond static “bricks and mortar” to interactive Web sites to serve as a “dynamic virtual clearinghouses or town square” that holds conversations between those in NEED and their local charities, citizens, donors, and volunteers.

While hunger in the land of plenty is not a new phenomenon, the last few years of international economic turmoil have worsened matters for the poor in this country. As unemployment has soared, bankruptcies and foreclosures have increased, little to NO opportunities exist for ANY subsistence, with the disappearance of ANY possible pursuit of happiness, the ranks of the poor have swelled in alarming proportions. So we find ourselves in the anomalous situation that one out of every six people in the richest nation on earth, is today living below the poverty line. Prophet Mohammad, Sallalalahu Alayhi wa Sallam, is reported to have said, “He is not a Muslim who goes to bed satiated while his neighbor goes hungry”. So how can YOU sleep contentedly while the person praying next to you, in your own neighborhoods, in your own backyards, in your own towns, counties, state, country, your neighbors go hungry? And if YOU do so, then in light of the above Hadith, can you call yourselves Muslim?

AMWF serve’s over 30,000 people a month from many Religeous Communities and 20 other locations and provide for thousands with the special events we support that are totally free to the public.AMWF expanded last year to accommodate more people at the Masajids, over 300 families weekly per location giveaway, with twice the quantity, a higher quality, much healthier, more expensive and fresher product that was purely the blessings of GOD.

Our annual accounting reveals that AMWF donated over $400,000 worth of food on just the 21 “Jumaah Free Farmers Market Food” Giveaways at the Berkeley Masajid alone in 2019-20!! Mind you this total DOES NOT include the nights of Ramadan, Eid, and every other weekly giveaways that we have had there, AHDL!

Thanks again


Kamala Harris is Unelectable, may NOT be on the DEMO Ticket in 2024!

She was supposed to be the one-term president’s successor. The vice president who would take the torch from a by-then-80-something Joe Biden and carry on the administration’s agenda while becoming the first woman and the first woman of color to capture the White House as the nation’s 47th president.

But as things stand now in November 2021, one has to wonder how Kamala Harris even remains on the ticket in 2024, regardless of who the nominee might be. A USA Today-Suffolk University poll finds that just 28 percent of voters — less than 3 in 10 — approve of the job Harris is doing. For context, that’s 10 points below her boss (38 percent approve, 59 percent disapprove). For more context, Harris was at 46 percent approval and 40 percent disapproval upon entering office, per USA Today-Suffolk.

Harris’s struggles are MANY but here’s a few:

 Less than a month before California’s September 2021 recall election Gov. Gavin Newsom has asked that Biden NOT campaign with/for him and only reluctantly accepted a very, very limited role with the very toxic, polarizing Harris!

 Back in August 2021 three polls combined to produce an unfavorable rating of 46% for Harris, according to an aggregate average compiled by RealClearPolitics. The Hill reported that the number is 3 points below Biden’s 43% unfavorable rating. An Economist-YouGov poll conducted July 24-27 found Harris’s unfavorable rating to be 48%!

 This was entirely foreseeable with Harris who was so unpopular in the Democratic party that she dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary before anyone voted are worrying that Vice President Kamala Harris could hurt their chances to retain power in the 2022 midterm elections “As of right now, I think she has the potential of doing more harm than good for some of these candidates,” said one Democratic strategist. “My sense is she’ll probably raise a lot of money and maybe she’ll go to some specific districts, but they’ll have to be really strategic with her.” “She doesn’t have the standing at this moment to go to a lot of these tighter districts,” the strategist added, where another political analyst who says this puts Democrats in a no-win position. If they use Harris to campaign for the midterms, she could do damage. If they don’t, it confirms that she is politically toxic!

 Vice President Harris’s bad polls trigger have Democratic worries as they have much ground to make up in order to be perceived more favorably by the public, a complicating factor for the Biden administration as it maps out its midterm strategy.

 Six months into office, polls indicate Harris is viewed less favorably than President Biden. She has also made some tactical missteps outside of the White House that Democrats say show she hasn’t quite yet found her bearings and her once historical Vice presidency has lost it’s luster, the bloom has fallen off the rose, as she has underperform as the future leader at the top of the ticket and her lower ratings haven’t gone unnoticed. “She doesn’t have the standing at this moment to go to a lot of these tighter districts,” the strategist added. “No one is coming out and saying she’s doing an amazing job, because the first question would be ‘On what?’” another person, identified as a “Harris ally” told the Hill. “She’s made a bunch of mistakes and she’s made herself a story for good and bad.”

 VP KAMALA HARRIS HAS LOST THE SUPPORT OF White women who were forced to accept her as the “fake feminist” she is; White men did not previously support her despite her White arranged family financial/political/sexual “partnership/marriage”; Black women who championed her as their “Lord and Savior Soro Sister” KNOW WHO SHE REALLY IS NOW AND ARE EMBARRASSED AND OFFENDED BY HER UNTENABLE “POLITICALPORN STAR” ACTIVITIES THAT GOT HER TO THE Vice Presidency- and sadly that she was NEVER involved in the Sorority EVER, at Howard or since!; Black men have NEVER TRUSTED/SUPPORTED HER (outside of their/her mutual fetish fantasies); Latinas/Latinos/LatinX (Latin Women and Men) have NEVER supported her and those that did abandoned her after her recent immigration debacle at the border with “don’t come here, go home!!” as has ALL IMMIGRANTS; the LGBTQIA voter/donor block has long ago fought themselves to grasp the fact that she is a “fake rights” activist as with the feminist; she has appropriated the very limited Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community as their “Shri-Lakshmi” mother-goddess but this voter/donor block- though cash considerable, is just not that sizable to turn an election; unfortunately there are no more sizable groups of potential voters/donors that she can co-opt/appropriate to exploit.

 She/Biden has told ALL Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Reformers, and Activist “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME AT THE WHITE HOUSE!” (but thank you for getting us elected); stated that “America is NOT a Racist Country”; told immigrants “don’t come here, go home!!”; they have FAILED to pass the long promised George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a sweeping police reform bill, which passed the House of Representatives in early March, but months later remains bogged down in the Senate; HR 1, or the For the People Act — that sets standards for voting and overhauls campaign finance and ethics law was defeated in the Senate. Another measure — dubbed HR 4, or the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, to combat brazen, destructive, partisan and discriminatory campaign of voter suppression silencing voters of color across the nation and threatens to erode our democracy.  The Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Shelby v. Holder opened the floodgates of voter suppression, allowing states with dark histories of bigotry and discrimination to pass hundreds of laws designed to keep communities of color from the ballot box! THIS TOO HAS FAILED TO MOVE; YET, in a bitterly divided, bipartisan gridlocked Washington, it managed to only take a few weeks for the Congress and Senate to pass the “STOP ASIAN HATE” bill, the “Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act”!!

 “George Floyd was murdered almost a year ago,” Biden said. “There’s meaningful police reform legislation in his name … legislation to tackle systemic misconduct in police departments, to restore trust between law enforcement and the people they’re entrusted to serve and protect. But it shouldn’t take a whole year to get this done.” Biden PROMISED that this act would be in the books by Floyd’s birthday- that has LONG since passed!

 Biden acknowledged the role that Jim Clyburn played in his election, credited with reviving Biden’s struggling campaign and thanked him when he said, “I would never be in this position, but for you,’’, “You’re quite welcome,’’ Clyburn answered. In regards to his humble acceptance of his debt to Blacks, Biden said “You’ve always had my back, and I will have yours.” So he said that as well. And I think he knows how important this vote is to the Black community. 

 Jim Clyburn has taken Biden to task over administration appointments, saying the president-elect is falling short when it comes to naming Black figures to top positions, expressed disappointment that African Americans — a voting bloc crucial to Biden’s presidential victory — have not featured more prominently among the early picks to fill out senior administration posts next year. “But so far it’s not good.”

She’s practically invisible.

It’s been 153 days since her last sit-down interview with a major broadcast news entity, in the form of NBC’s Lester Holt. You may recall that was the beginning of the end of the administration’s confidence in her abilities to handle even the most basic of questions. 

“Do you have any plans to visit the border?” Holt asked. 

“At some point, you know, we are going to the border,” Harris replied, before oddly repeating herself as if a short-circuit had occurred. “We’ve been to the border. So, this whole thing about the border — we’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border.”

“You haven’t been to the border,” Holt correctly noted.

“And I haven’t been to Europe,” Harris snapped before laughing. “And, I mean, I don’t understand the point that you’re making.”

Since then, the only interview Harris has granted was to “The View” on ABC. Her own staff couldn’t have provided a gentler platform.

The vice president has yet to do a solo press conference. Out of sight, out of mind. And when judging Harris solely on the primary task she was given by the president, 23 percent approve of the administration’s handling of the U.S. border, or less than one-quarter.

Harris was never liked much to begin with.

Harris has been dubbed a 2020 presidential candidate. But that’s a misnomer, because she never even got to 2020 as a candidate. Never got to Iowa or New Hampshire. She was polling lower than even Andrew Yang in her home state of California in December 2019, prompting her to drop out while seeming to blame Democratic voters for misogyny and racism.  

Harris told Axios at the time: “I have also started to perhaps be more candid talking about what I describe and what I believe to be the elephant in the room about my campaign.”

Axios: “What is that?”

Harris: “Electability.”

Axios: “What do you mean?”

Harris: “Electability. You know, essentially, is America ready for a woman and a woman of color to be president of the United States?” 

Yet, Barack Obama was twice elected president as a person of color, while Hillary Clinton captured 3 million more votes than Donald Trump in the 2016 general election. So there’s that.

Overall, the USA Today-Suffolk poll has some disturbing numbers for Biden-Harris. Consider the answers to the question, “What is the one thing Americans want President Biden to do in the next year?” 

— Resign/retire/quit: 20 percent

— Economy/jobs: 11 percent

— Unite/help the country: 8 percent

— Immigration/border control: 8 percent

— COVID/mandates: 6 percent

— Infrastructure bills: 5 percent 

— Inflation: 4 percent 

— Health care: 3 percent

— Climate change/environment: 3 percent

— Bipartisanship: 3 percent

That’s right: The top of the list is Americans wanting the president to resign or quit.  

Even more revealing: 64 percent of Americans (nearly two-thirds) don’t want Biden to run again, including a whopping 28 percent of Democrats. 

Can the administration turn this around? Perhaps. But some shake-ups will be needed. Some accountability. A pivot to something resembling the middle. But we’ve seen no inclination to make such a pivot, to make staff changes.

Republicans now lead Democrats by 8 points on the congressional ballot, per USA Today’s survey. Just four seats need to be flipped for Republicans to take control of the House, just one net overall in the Senate. President Obama lost 63 seats in 2010 before losing the Senate in 2014. Donald Trump lost 43 seats in 2018 before losing the Senate in 2020. 

Harris was supposed to represent the next generation of Democrats. She was Plan B for an aging president. At 28 percent approval, it’s hard to see how the VP ever takes the next step to the Oval Office.  

Kamala Harris’s approval rating falls to 28%, a Historic Low for any modern Vice President

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during a virtual United Nations General Assembly COVID-19 summit in the South Court Auditorium in the White House September 22, 2021 in Washington, DC.
Vice President Kamala Harris. 

A new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University released on Sunday contains a grim snapshot of public sentiment toward the Biden administration.

President Joe Biden has been on a months-long slide toward historically poor polling numbers, but yesterday’s USA Today/Suffolk poll was even worse for Vice President Kamala Harris.

The American public’s opinion of Vice President Kamala Harris and her track record as President Joe Biden’s supposed right-hand woman is tanking.

According to the survey conducted over the phone Nov. 3-5, 51.2 percent of Americans disapprove of “the job Kamala Harris has done as Vice President.” While it’s been months since Harris relented after scandalously refusing to visit the southern U.S. border despite a raging crisis, voters still do not hold her in high esteem. Harris’s approval rating is hovering at just 28 percent, which is 10 points lower than the public’s view of the president.

Biden’s approval is also backsliding at an alarming rate, as Democrats grow more concerned about their party’s performance in the upcoming 2022 midterms. The same poll that exposed the public’s low opinion of Harris also found that a majority of Americans, 59 percent, disapprove of the president’s track record 11 months into his tenure in the White House.

Of those surveyed, 46 percent, including 16 percent who cast a vote for the Democrat, say Biden has underperformed at his job since getting elected. Among independents, 44 percent agree that Biden has done a worse job in office than they expected.

Biden told reporters last week, “I didn’t run to determine how well I’m going to do in the polls,” but his words are not convincing a majority of Americans, 64 percent, who say they do not support Biden running for a second presidential term. That’s a higher number than the 58 percent opposed to former President Donald Trump running again. Of that 64 percent, 28 percent identify as Democrats.

At this early stage of a modern presidency, Harris’ numbers in the USA Today/Suffolk poll are unprecedented.

The closest comparison — which involves slightly different methodology and margins of error — would be former Vice President Dick Cheney, the most unpopular US vice president in polling history. He bottomed out at 30% in Gallup’s tracking survey, but that wasn’t until the end of former President George W. Bush’s second term in 2007.

Harris has taken on thorny assignments early on in her tenure as VP, including running point on the administration’s disasterous efforts at handling the migration surge of asylum seekers at the southern border.

Joe Concha: When you look at the vice president and her poll numbers where she is at 28% approval that is astounding. This was supposed to be a historic candidate in Kamala Harris who would be handed the bottom by an 80-something-year-old Joe Biden where he says ‘okay I’ve righted the country and now I’m going to pass it on to my Vice President.’ If you’re the Democratic Party how could you possibly put her up as the nominee right now when not even three in 10 Americans approve of the job she’s doing and it’s impossible to find her? She’s never done a press conference since she’s been vice president, she hasn’t done one sit-down interview with a major broadcast network in five months. So, when you’re unseen and you see what’s happening at the border, the one job she was given, the important job anyway, that’s how you get to 28% and that’s why this administration is in serious, serious trouble.

As Insider’s Robin Bravender reported in late October, Harris aides are quietly worried about the 2024 presidential election, should Biden forego a reelection bid, with former 2020 primary rival and Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg posing a potential threat.