ALL our SUPERSTAR Management Clients and Friends- as many of you have already known FOR MONTHS now, we have not been accepting any requests for Celebrity Placement for SUPER BOWL activities as the game is in Las Vegas and we have a literal plethora of talent available to chose from. BUT, to ALL who have made the journey through this week (and last 2 weeks for some with the Grammys and Emmys) I SALUTE YOU!!

For those that do NOT know, here is “A Day In The Life” look into the lives of those CHOSEN for A-LIST SUPER BOWL CELEBRITY PLACEMENT!

We have been honored by the National Football League (NFL), the Super Bowl, Super Bow (NFL) Experience and NFL Properties since 1994, with OUR expertise and relationships, collaborate with the advertising/marketing/promotion/public relations departments to design engineer and curate YOUR placement with team/NFL and Super Bowl Advertisers, Marketers, Sponsors, NFL Properties Licensee, Event Planners, and Promotional companies in need of a CELEBRITY, or a POPULAR, Decorated NFL Player, even Super Bowl veteran honored by the NFL!

Many Sponsor events need help with that special promotion and want to secure the most appropriate Celebrity for the occasion/event for INVITATION ONLY Parties that brings together business, sports, charity and Hollywood celebrities to raise money, FUNDRAISING AND FUN-RAISING, AND/OR JUST RAISING FUNDS HAVING FUN!

The Super Bowl is the most prestigious, highly anticipated EVENT in the Universe, and the glamorous parties are World Class! The Sponsors can see and be seen with the most exalted and prominent A-listers, the year’s biggest Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Tony (EGOT) and other Major award winners in movie, television, music and entertainment acts, sports, social media, and influencers with shows that features numerous celebrity guests and entertainment where the fabulous post-event after-party celebrations are the definitive main draw!

The Sponsors can provide the A-Listers appearance fees, VIP Concierge, accommodations, transportation, for their corporate celebrity meet and greets, tv/radio/media appearance/interview promotions, product promotions, autograph signings, and more, usually lasting approximately one week. But most importantly for their corporate Super Bowl game suite attendance as part of our devised and implemented overall strategy and tactics for reaching its clients target market(s) using sports, motion picture, entertainment, concerts, internet, advertisements, endorsements, and special event properties as marketing vehicles to implement sponsorship and other promotional programs of an advertising campaign, for corporate exposure and product image enhancement.

A Day In The Life

“A Day In The Life” of an A-LIST Celebrity Placement client is a very rigorous and grueling Daily Itinerary Schedule that would include:

4:00am- get up, prepare for interviews

6:00- 8:00 am- Drive-time TV/Radio/Podcast media appearance/interview 

9:00-11:00 am- Breakfast Event

12 Noon- 2:30 pm- Lunch Event

3:00- 5:00 pm- Corporate/NFL TV/Radio/Podcast media promotional appearance/interview

7:00- 10:30 pm- Dinner Event

12 Midnight- 3:00 am- Fabulous post-event after-party celebration; Personal party preference

4:00am- get up, prepare for interviews- Repeat!


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