Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim's Complaint and Investigation Request Wellpoint Asset Recovery and MARTHA BRONITSKY Bankruptcy Case: #18-40567

TO:        Alex Tse                           Phyllis J. Hamilton
Director- No. District                    Chief District Judge
U. S. Attorney’s Office                  U. S. District Court- No. Division
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Chief Judge Roger L. Efrensky               Martha G. Bronitsky
William Lafferty                                        Trustee
Office of the United States Trustee       P.O. Box 5004
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Xavier Becerra                                           Tracy Hope Davis
Attorney General of California                 Office of the United States Trustee
1300 I Street, Suite 125                            450 Golden Gate Ave,Ste #05-0153
P.O. Box 944255                                       San Francisco, CA 94102
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FAX No.: 916-324-8835                          Tracy_Davis@cand.uscourts.gov
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cc: Clerk Edward J. Emmons ; bcc
Faxed and Emailed

FROM:     Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim
DATE:     April 18, 2018
NO PAGES: 6 + 3 attachments
RE:        Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim’s Intention to Proceed with Bankruptcy Case: #18-40567 RLE

Dear Chief Judge Roger L. Efrensky, Martha Bronitsky, Alex Tse, Phyllis J. Hamilton, Xavier Becerra, and Tracy Hope Davis:

I received a letter dated March 29, 2018, from Ianthe V. del Rosario, Legal Assistant at the Office of the United States Trustee in response to my fax of the day before.

The letter DOES NOT EVEN MENTION MARTHA BRONITSKY, her theft of my money paid to her in her official fiduciary capacity as a trustee, is without action, non committal, and intentionally vague so as to suggest that your office will do absolutely NOTHING which is to be expected, and I may NEVER be contacted nor be informed of anything!

As I stated in my first letter, I filed a complaint in this matter with Mark L. Pope, Linda Ekstrom-Stanley, and Carol Roth among others, wherein it was just covered-up!

With this letter response from Ms. del Rosario, it appears that this must be the culture of the Office of the United States Trustee, to covered up these criminal activities! It offers NO attempt at even alluding to any transparent action being taken, quite the contrary, it totally avoids holding anyone accountable, even pending this charade of an “investigation”. THAT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, DISCIPLINARY ACTION MUST BE TAKEN ON THE RECORD!

Times have changed dramatically from the days when corruption, specially government enforced corruption, could be “covered-up and hushed-up”, in this new-world of open government, whistle blowers, activist, and demands of accountability are celebrated! You can’t get away with it!!

I never received any answer to how the correspondence from the court/trustee was ALL dated on the same date, postmarked on the same date, and use that date as the time certain for the responses to all the filings that are due to began. Starting a “running clock”.

This is some what startling since those documents were not mailed by the court/trustee on that dateand I received them two weeks later simultaneously with very little time to prepare ALL those responses to the 106, 107 series forms required to be completed from the date of the correspondence. I had to find where the forms were, get them and some advise/help with them.

It takes longer to assemble all the data that is required and do so trying to be precise and inclusive then I was able to have in this case, less than two weeks.

Since these documents were handled by Bronitsky, I can assume that had some impact on the process, perhaps how it was expedited!

Bronitsky, for some reason recently filed a request with the courts and was placed on the service list as a noticed party in an unrelated Superior Court case, al-Hakim vs AT&T, case #:RG17-881130. Why? (see attached proof of service)

I can suggest with certainty that it has some involvement with the Wellpoint Asset Recovery creditor as this alleged debt was procured through fraud that is continuing!

Wellpoint attorney, John Bradley recently admitted in the Appeals Court that he “paid” the County Sheriff’s $1,500 to ensure that the planned house auction took place and to report to him any activities on my part.

Wellpoint Asset Recovery, a $600,000 creditor with designs on selling my home at Sheriff’s auction, wherein they can buy it for a fraction of the value, obtain the asset, and still be owed the debt!

Yet ALL Bankruptcy Court correspondence sent to them at the address of their registered agent and business partner, Colin Hammett, at 4470 W. Sunset Blvd. #91234, Los Angeles, CA 90027, has been returned, “unknown recipient”! (see attached letter)

At the January 22, 2018, hearing Mr. Bradley attempted to “quash” the subpoena served on Mr. Lanni and his myriad of connected companies including Wellpoint, before.

Those connected companies include but not limited to School Trust #1321, Sunkist Trust #7633, Housing Group Fund Corporation, Trustors Security Deed Service, Eurisko Development, Wellpoint Asset Recovery LLC and Dennis Lanni, with his partners Andre Scott, Deanna Montgomery, Colin Hammett, and Ken Madhvani, among others are the SAME entity assigned the lien by CSAA.

They filed documents in Alameda County Recorders that were forgeries and fraudulent in an effort to foreclose on the property and attempted several proposed auctions of the home from the Alameda County Courthouse steps in Oakland, CA.

One forged document had “Jerline Wallace”and her alleged court appointment as “Trustee”for Clyde Wallace, that raised questions of “what was she appointed to do, why was she appointed, when was she appointed, where was she appointed, how was she appointed and by whom?”

There were even more questions about the alleged “Sunkist Trust #7633”, “who really comprises this trust, what type of business entity is it under the laws of the State of California, why was it formed, when was it formed, where was it formed, how was it formed and by whom?”

We made several requests under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (15 U.S.C. § 1692, et seq.) and the Rosenthal Act (Civil Code § 1788, et seq.) and that the written responses to my requests of August 29, 2016 and September 14, 2016 were due from them no later than September 29, 2016. They failed and refused to comply with the noticed demand Pursuant to California Civil Code § 1788.52.

I had Joseph Jaramillo, Senior Attorney at the Housing And Economic Rights Advocates and National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) send two letters to them asking them to validate the debt. They failed and refused to respond.

During the course of this effort to collect on their “deed of trust”, Lanni admits that as the “500 pound elephant in the room!” he offered an illegal predatory loan of over $$440.000 (to cover the $300, 000 CSAA lien and his claimed $140,000 lien) to enable himself to swindle me into giving him value to his worthless deed that he lured the others into joining him as he told them “he (al-Hakim) doesn’t have an attorney and no one will work with him, so we can take the property!”

He made this illegal predatory loan offer to Mr. Jaramillo as well as to me.

When I asked him to verify that he indeed had the CSAA lien from Ropers Majeski and Stephan Barber, he said he did but would not provide proof of it.

Mr Lanni was trying to secure an illegal predatory loan from me at the same time he was operating as the collector and assignee of the CSAA lien and this was confirmed by Mr. Bradley!

Mr. Lanni had previously tried to engage me in buying the property.

This “group/groups” formed an action in the probate Estate of Wallace, Clyde, Defendants- Case No. P047803 and FPR047803.

On May 11, 2017, I sent a 4 page letter to Judge Alesia Jones of Solano County Court regarding this probate opened by Lanni to try to secure some value in the alleged deeds that he knew were invalid.

I have filed several Civil Collection Agency Elder Abuse complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau- case number: 160926-000033; California Attorney General, the California Office of Business Oversight (DBO)- case number: 161003-000872
The parties have always failed and refused to respond to any “government secured channel” inquiry regarding the matter and as such when they did so with the Attorney General and Office of Business Oversight, the case was referred to the Federal Communication Commission for a broader Federal investigation that is ongoing at present.

The parties, ALL of them, including CSAA and Mr. Bradley have committed such tortious acts they have put their entire lien AND professional careers in jeopardy!

ALL this information is critical to the issues plead and CAN NOT be obtained otherwise, as they have evaded providing this to the Sate and Federal Government!

Recently, Wellpoint filed a motion with the court to declare the bankruptcy stay “void” claiming that I had filed several times, wherein Judge Efrensky denied that motion since the matter had been dismissed. Wellpoint then immediately went back to the sheriff’s to file their action to sell the home at auction again that is scheduled for May 4, 2018.

What is NOT noted is that each time I filed the Chapter 13, it was assigned to Bronitsky!

I just can’t have Ms. Bronitsky’s presence in this case since she has previously issued me checks drawn on her business account that have bounced for insufficient funds and others that had stopped payments applied to them of $9,889.04, I do not feel comfortable going forward with her as a trustee.

We have been assembling the necessary data to go forward with the filing to resolution and intend to contest the alleged debts of:
CSAA-Wellpoint Asset Recovery as this alleged debt was procured through fraud that is continuing;
USDOJ as this alleged debt was paid in 1978;
National Collection Agency as we DO NOT KNOW who they represent and we have issued debt buyers demands upon them and they have failed and refused to respond;
Alliance Credit/Bank 1, T. Miller as this alleged debt was procured through fraud and recently dismissed in court;
We are still investigating other claims and liens.

I want ALL of you served with this letter to consider this a complaint and investigation request relate to the existence and collection of the alleged debt by Wellpoint, counsel Bradley and Lanni that the government has found was illegal and may void the alleged debt.

Lanni has admitted that he tried for years to recover on an illegal alleged debt that included his attempt to sell the home in question several times as an alleged “foreclosure” on the Oakland courthouse steps and as part of this strategy to bring value to the illegal alleged debt, he offered a predatory loan to attempt to move into “first position” with a new mortgage to cover the alleged $300,000 CSAA debt and $130,000 for the illegal alleged debt. He did this even AFTER he was aware that the government agencies were trying to apprehend him for these illegal activities.

This complaint and investigation request include the fraud upon the court that defendants CSAA-Wellpoint committed when they failed and refused to reveal the fact that they were aware of the Homestead on the property, the value of the District Attorney liens on the property, and the contamination in the home TWENTY YEARS BEFORE their alleged home appraisal yet there is NO reference to any contamination in it as if it would NOT have any value in determining the fair market value of that appraisal used in the Order to Show Cause for Sale of Dwelling in January 2018. This fraud upon the court is very clear when they knew that their own experts testified that it would cost over $350,000 to remediate just the lower level of the home in 1997! CSAA’s costs for the entire home was $700,000 and was nearly the same as al-Hakim’s experts $700,000. This is part of the Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim v. California State Automobile Association Inter-Insurance Bureau. et al., Alameda County Superior Court Case No. 811337-3, and in Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim v. Rescue Industries, Alameda County Superior Court Case No. 821885-2 cases.

I would NOT be filing the petition if it were not for this claimed debt that was procured through fraud!

Again, I simply want to reiterate and make plain that I have every intention of completing my bankruptcy petition and discharging the debt even if I have to refile it.

Again, I ask the court/trustee/authorities MUST review the theft of my money in the Wong case, compensate me for my loses, and change it’s assignment of this case to Bronitsky and make a more proper assignment in the future.

You are ALL being served and I will file this letter with the courts.

Call if you have any questions, and “Thank you” for your consideration.


Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim

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