Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim’s Opposition to Assigning case to Martha Bronitsky, Case: #18-40567

TO:        Alex Tse                           Phyllis J. Hamilton
Director- No. District                    Chief District Judge
U. S. Attorney’s Office                  U. S. District Court- No. Division
Federal Courthouse                     6th Floor Oakland Courthouse- 2
450 Golden Gate Avenue            1301 Clay Street
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Chief Judge Roger L. Efrensky               Martha G. Bronitsky
William Lafferty                                        Trustee
Office of the United States Trustee       P.O. Box 5004
1301 Clay Street, Room 690N                Hayward, CA 94540
Oakland, CA 94612                                  Fax: 510-266-5589
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Xavier Becerra                                           Tracy Hope Davis
Attorney General of California                 Office of the United States Trustee
1300 I Street, Suite 125                            450 Golden Gate Ave,Ste #05-0153
P.O. Box 944255                                       San Francisco, CA 94102
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550                 Fax: 415-705-3379
FAX No.: 916-324-8835                          Tracy_Davis@cand.uscourts.gov
cc: ; bcc
cc: Clerk Edward J. Emmons ; bcc
Faxed and Emailed

FROM:     Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim
DATE:     March 28, 2018
RE:        Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim’s Opposition to Assigning case to Martha Bronitsky, Case: #18-40567

Dear Chief Judge Roger L. Efrensky, Martha Bronitsky, Alex Tse, Phyllis J. Hamilton, Xavier Becerra, and Tracy Hope Davis:

I am the debtor in the above referenced case and have spoken with advisors regarding Ms. Bronitsky’s presence in this case and I have resolved that since she has previously issued me checks drawn on her business account that have bounced for insufficient funds and others that had stopped payments applied to them of $9,889.04, I do not feel comfortable going forward with her as a trustee.

In 1980-94, I owned and operated a computer store in downtown Oakland that was bombed and burglarized by Oakland Police officers and members of the force.
I caught them and one plead guilty, another was convicted and I was awarded restitution and attorneys fees in that case.

The officer that plead guilty Kailey Wong, he and his wife Susan filed bankruptcy (Case #9542893) wherein that case was assigned to Bronitsky.

On December 8, 1998 Martha Bronitskys’ office sent authorization to Fidelity National for payment of $9,889.04 of my money (Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, “CRD 080164”) to Eugene Schneider from their escrow account for the refinancing of the above mentioned debtors home and to close-out this case.

I contacted her office at least twelve times by phone (my records are available) and seven times by fax/letter (see her file and the U.S. Federal Court file) and it is clear that Mrs. Bronitsky knew or should have known that Mr. Schneider was not and had not ever my attorney.I requested that she immediately issue my $9,889.04 check to me. Her office informed me that they would not provide any justification for her actions.

In January-March, 1999 I attempted to address this issue with Mark L. Pope, Linda Ekstrom-Stanley, and Carol Roth among others, wherein it was just covered-up!

We have been assembling the necessary data to go forward with the filing to resolution and intend to contest the alleged debts of:
CSAA-Wellpoint Asset Recovery as this alleged debt was procured through fraud that is continuing;
USDOJ as this alleged debt was paid in 1978;
National Collection Agency as we DO NOT KNOW who they represent and we have issued debt buyers demands upon them and they have failed and refused to respond;
Alliance Credit/Bank 1, T. Miller as this alleged debt was procured through fraud and recently dismissed in court;

We are still investigating other claims and liens.

I ask that the court review the theft of my money in the Wong case, compensate me for my loses, and change it’s assignment of this case to Bronitsky and make a more proper assignment.

You are ALL being served and I will file this letter with the courts.

Call if you have any questions, and “Thank you” for your consideration.


Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim

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