Abdul-Jalil, AMWF Filed Complaint with D. A. Pam Price, Registrar Dupuis, U. S. A. G. Ramsey, FBI Dir. Tripp, A. G. Bonta of RAMPANT Fraud, in Petition to Recall Price, County to count signatures!

District Attorney Pamela Price

After Abdul-Jalil and the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (AMWF) Filed Complaint with D. A. Pamela Price, Registrar of Voters Tim Dupuis, U. S. Attorney General Director Ismail J. Ramsey, FBI Director Robert Tripp, and California Attorney General Rob Bonta of RAMPANT Fraud and Deception complete with “Bait-and-Switch” and “Slight-of-Hand” Fraud Techniques with Signatures in Petition to Recall D. A. Price, Registrar Dupuis Ordered Alameda County to manually count signatures submitted to recall Oakland’s First Black DA Pamela Price, Says It’s Politically Motivated

Alameda County election officials said Thursday that they will conduct a manual count of signatures submitted in a petition to recall District Attorney Pamela Price.

The county registrar of voters said the results of a random sampling of the 123,374 signatures submitted on March 4 “are not sufficient to determine whether the signature threshold to call for a recall election has been met.”

The recall effort needs 73,195 signatures to qualify, Alameda County Registrar of Voters Tim Dupuis said in a news release.

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved the public vote on the recall last November. State law mandates that the registrar conduct a manual count because the random sampling didn’t produce a “statistically confident determination of the sufficiency of the petition,” Dupuis said. The registrar said it was in the best interests of both Price and the recall proponents to ensure the signatures are counted reliably. The recall has become a contentious issue in East Bay politics, with families of crime victims clashing with Price supporters at public forums. Last month, Price herself faced some pointed questions from Oakland business owners and residents who told her crime in the city has made living and working there next to impossible. Price has faced severe criticism for her office’s handling of high-profile cases, including in the murder of toddler Jasper Wu and Home Depot loss prevention employee Blake Mohs. The district attorney has faced pushback among residents frustrated about crime during town hall meetings in Oakland and Fremont.    Price is not the only elected official in the East Bay currently battling a recall. Last month, a group began collecting signatures for a push to recall Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao.

The recall campaign against Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price has been ongoing since she ran for and won the district attorney election in 2022. Upon winning the election, Price became Oakland’s first Black district attorney. Price ran an openly reformist campaign, which has become increasingly unpopular with right-wing and Republican political figures.

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, Price plans to fight back against the campaign, which recently submitted 123,000 signatures to election officials in hopes of forcing another recall vote in California. One development that should be watched closely by Oakland voters is Measure B, a ballot question asking voters if Alameda County, within which Oakland resides, should adopt the State of California’s recall system.  According to Oaklandside, the measure has the potential to make it easier to start the recall process. Still, others, such as Marcus Crawley, president of the Alameda County Taxpayers Association, Jacqueline Carron-Cota, chair of the Election Integrity Team of Alameda County, and Edward Escobar, founder of Citizens United and one of the leaders in the effort to recall Price, say that wholesale changes that could curtail voters rights are not necessary. 

“If Supervisors are so concerned about flaws in existing Alameda County recall law, they should instead put forward ‘surgical amendments’ targeted to fix the small parts that need modification.”

As Oaklandside reports, the money behind the effort to oust Price is largely sourced from financiers and real estate property owners in Oakland. As of Feb. 2, they had spent $2.2 million on their efforts. Price, as she did with her campaign to win the seat initially, has raised approximately $85,000, mostly through small donors. 

As CBS News reports, some of the criticism comes from the families of victims of gun violence and Oakland residents who say that Price has not done enough to make the city safe to live and work in.

At a town hall meeting in December, Florence McCrary, the mother of Terrance McCrary, a 22-year-old man who was killed by a stray bullet while inside an Oakland art gallery, was critical of Price.

“We would expect more empathy and concern for mothers who have had to put their children in the ground at 22 years of age, an innocent victim,” McCrary told the crowd at the town hall. “I’m a tax-paying citizen who works hard and why should I have to live with the fact that this person won’t be held accountable for his choices.”

Price, at the same town hall meeting, characterized the recall effort against her as an attempt to protect the value of real estate portfolios.

“We know that this recall is not about public safety, we have their campaign plan, this campaign plan says that they are concerned with the value of their portfolios, real estate developers, there is nobody in here, there is nobody that comes through our office that is a real estate portfolio.”

As The Intercept reported in 2023, this kind of pattern, that of character assassination, right-wing attacks, and then a recall, is familiar. Cat Brooks, a co-founder and executive director of the Anti-Police-Terror Project, endorsed Price during her run and told the outlet, “They were threatening to recall her when she was running for the seat,” said Brooks. “Unfortunately, in the Bay Area and in other places in the country, this is the new political tactic.” Anne Irwin, the founder and director of Smart Justice, a pro-reform group, said that this laser focus on how an elected prosecutor runs their office doesn’t usually come up unless, like Price, the DA is an open reformist.

“The nascent recall effort in Alameda County is absolutely reflective of a national Republican playbook,” Irwin continued, “What’s remarkable is that there has been almost no coverage of how an elected prosecutor runs their office until progressive prosecutors were elected,” Irwin explained. “Then all of a sudden, there is intense scrutiny, much of it drummed up by the folks who are backing a recall, to make a case that the progressive prosecutor is a bad manager. But can any of us look back in history and point out whether or not any other tough-on-crime prosecutors in the ’80s or ’90s were good managers?”

Here is the Complaint filed by Abdul-Jalil and the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (AMWF):

To:      Ms. Pamela Price                                   Tim Dupuis

            District Attorney                                      Alameda County Registrar of Voters

           René C. Davidson Courthouse          1225 Fallon St., Room G-1

           1225 Fallon Street, Room 900           Oakland, CA 94612

           Oakland CA 94612                                   Fax: 510-272-6982

           Fax: 510-383-8615, 510-271-5157

           Ismail J. Ramsey-Director                     Rob Bonta

           U. S. Attorney’s Office                            Attorney General of California

           Federal Courthouse                                1300 I Street, Suite 125

           450 Golden Gate Avenue                    P.O. Box 944255            

           San Francisco, CA 94102                     Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

           Fax: 510-637-3724                                 Fax: 916-324-8835

           Robert Tripp, FBI Director                  

D. A. Pamela Price responds to Recall
D. A. Pamela Price responds to Recall

           Northern District of California                         San Francisco Field Office                             450 Golden Gate Avenue, 13th Floor              San Francisco, CA 94102-9523

cc:, bcc:, Faxed and Emailed

FROM:     Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation, Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim

DATE:     February 21, 2024


RE:        RAMPANT Fraud and Deception complete with “Bait-and-Switch” and “Slight-of-Hand” Fraud Techniques with Signatures in Petition to Recall D. A. Pam Price

Dear District Attorney Pamela Price, Registrar of Voters Tim Dupuis, U. S. Attorney General Director Ismail J. Ramsey, FBI Director Robert Tripp, California Attorney General Rob Bonta, et. al.,

I recently went to Trader Joe’s- Emeryville and observed a group of people (7) standing around a man sitting in a chair at a table perched at the entrance of the store near the shopping cart rack. There was a band of people (over 20) canvasing the parking lot carrying clipboards with papers on them.At one point, a man came down to the store roll up door returning a shopping cart, then gave it to a customer at the cart rack.He then approaches me and begins to ask me questions. He asked if I was interested in helping children get medical services? I responded “of course”. He then asked if I was a resident of Oakland. I responded “no”. He then asked if I lived in Alameda? I responded “you mean Alameda County?, yes”.


He then began to explain the cause he claimed was supporting the initiative for the funding of the medical care program for children and asked me if I would sign a petition for it to be funded. I said “yes” if the petition is to establish, continue or increase funds for medical services for children.

He then hands me a clipboard with a petition on the top page and points to the section he wanted me to complete. I glanced at the document and observed the name, address, signature lines, and completed them.

Who's funding D. A. Price Recall?
Who’s funding D. A. Price Recall?

I stopped him and asked “what is this?”. He said that it was part of the petition for the kids care. I said “that can’t be true, it says Recall Pam Price on it!”. He fumbled for a response until I pointed out that what he did was “fraud and deception”, and asked “how many other people have you had sign this Recall petition under the same pretense?” He insincerely “apologized” for any misunderstanding he may have caused and was unaware that it was wrong. I explained that the signees of the petition are unwittingly signing Recall Pam Price Petition instead of one for medical services for children!I asked him who he was and asked for his identification wherein he said he was from out of State and displayed a Maryland I.D. with his thumb covering the name and address.

I asked for the contact information for the petitioners, but he claimed he did not know anyone being from out of State. He proceeded to say that he did NOT KNOW where the petition offices were, the address or phone number of it, his co-workers, his manager/supervisor, where he was living in California during this period of gathering signatures for the petitions, etc.I asked to see the petitions to ascertain if there was any contact information on them and he admitted that there were THREE petitions he was gathering signatures for. I saw that ONLY ONE of the petitions actually had any listing or reference to any organization on it and it was a different petition for Loma Linda that was allegedly addressing child health care.I asked him if he was aware of the politics behind the Recall petition and he said he wasn’t. He became agitated when I persisted in expounding on the fact of his process being fraudulent and deceptive with the signees of the petition unwittingly signing a Recall Pam Price Petition instead of or inanition to one for alleged medical services for children, and said “that’s your opinion”! I asked him if he explains the Price recall petition as he did with the alleged one for medical services for children and he said sure. I said “you did NOT do that with me, instead using a bait-and-switch tactic and technique to have me unwittingly signing a Recall Pam Price Petition instead!”. He said that he would have explained it to me but I caught it first and that he was doing that now! I reiterated that I HAD TO CATCH HIM FIRST and he still had NOT explained anything to me about the Recall petition. I reminded him that he said he didn’t know anything about the Recall nor the politics behind it!I informed him that I am not in th dark regarding this Recall petition and the controversy surrounding it and he should be if he is ethically gathering signatures for same. He NEVER even attempted to explain anything regarding the recall petition!

Continuing th discussion of his employment, he said that he just gets picked up in the morning, taken to an office and given stacks of petitions to be signed for that day, for which he is paid. BUT, he did NOT KNOW where he was living nor where the office was that he went to get the petition and get paid!I retrieved the document I had signed and blotted out the name, address, and signature lines I had completed.

Carlie Chan the Oriental Oppressor- Overlord of Black Oakland and East Bay politicsI checked with the Save Alameda For Everyone (SAFE) organization behind the Recall effort and they did not list the Trader Joe’s location as one of their official signature gathering locations.

Registrar Gather and Impound the Potential Fraudulent Petitions

I suggested that the District Attorney have someone investigate this matter, to gather, impound, examine the potential fraudulent petitions and interviewing/questioning to ascertain the INTENT of the signees of the petition to determine if they wittingly or unwittingly signed the recall petition, their address, and signatures to validate or invalidate them accordingly.

In the 45 minutes that I was parked there, you couldn’t help but notice the beehive of activity swarming the man sitting at the table at the entrance of the store, the cadre of people stopping shoppers around the door while a band of other people canvasing the parking lot carrying clipboards with petitions on them.



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