There is PROOF that CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL ROB BONTA has EXPANDED THE NEW COINTELPRO 2K22 OPERATION STRATEGY, further engaging in Grand, Systemic and Endemic Corruption; Abuse of Power, office, and resources with Judicial, Political, Law Enforcement, Governmental, Legal Entities and Officials for organizational and personal gain, while INCREASING TARGETED ENTRAPMENT ATTACKS, STING/SCAMS ON INNOCENT CITIZENS WHOM EXPOSE THIS CORRUPTION!! His carrying out this WHITE PRIVILEGE ENTITLEMENT agenda that includes Political Vendetta’s and Personal/Professional Revenge landed his Attorney General position!

The Rob Bonta COINTELPRO 2K22 parties includes THE “COURTEL”, THE COURT CRIMINAL CORRUPTION CARTEL, this Black Robed Society Conceived in Sin, Born of Corruption, Covered Up with Collusion, protected by the System itself- the COURTEL! A litany of Law Lords, Demonically Dealing Decisions for Dominance, DOLLAR$! These Kingpins of Judicial Corporate Crime, Fraud, Corruption, Collusion, Conspiracy, are continuing the Jim Crow administration of justice, with Transactional Justice that’s really Contracted Injustice against the TARGETED PARTY are engaged in CREATING CRIME, FIXING CASES, corruption, have conspired, consorted, colluded, conceived and enacting this Deep State sponsored Criminal Entrapment Sting and Litigation Strategy- actively employ the Federal/State/County/Local/ Law Enforcement and Judicial Court systems with the FULL FORCE OF THE LAW for legal rulings to favor their Corruptocrats and Kleptocrat carpet bagging political handlers, are slaves to lobbyist and their colleagues for CA$H to insure Justice Fails, Refuses to Bring Justice in order to destroy the TARGETED PARTY!

Bonta’s COINTELPRO COURTEL’S dramatic long standing effects are characterized by tyrannical and Corrupt Federal, State, and Local Government Judicial and Law Enforcement Agencies; Rampant Fraud and Corruption; Class, Race, Gender/Sex and Caste Societal Wars; Dehumanization of the Minority and Poor Masses; Financial Collapse; Famine, Disease; Food Insecurity; Affordable Housing Drought; Sky Rocketing Unemployment; Social Unrest; Environmental Disaster; other characteristics representative of a Cataclysmic Decline in Society as the Rich Top 2% Just Get Richer at everyone else’s expense!! They want the WORLD to believe they’re GOD’S vicegerents on earth and pledge allegiance to THEM- then GOD, to honor their dishonor, to gracefully ignore their disgrace, to hold them in reverence ABOVE GOD while they do the Devils work!!

This Judicial Cult of Immoral Dishonor, this “COURTEL”, with no accountability grievously disintegrates in “a monumentally moral descent into the very exclusive part of HELL for Criminal Justices who swear others to GOD but themselves are sworn to Judicial Purgatory as Satan’s Slaves!”