There is PROOF that CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL ROB BONTA has EXPANDED THE NEW COINTELPRO 2K22 OPERATION STRATEGY, further engaging in Grand, Systemic and Endemic Corruption;
Abuse of Power, office, and resources with Judicial, Political, Law Enforcement, Governmental, Legal Entities and Officials for organizational and personal gain, while INCREASING TARGETED ENTRAPMENT ATTACKS, STING/SCAMS ON INNOCENT CITIZENS WHOM EXPOSE THIS CORRUPTION!! His carrying out this
WHITE PRIVILEGE ENTITLEMENT agenda that includes Political Vendetta’s and Personal/Professional Revenge landed his Attorney General position!

The Rob Bonta COINTELPRO 2K22 parties parties ALSO constitute the “WRIT RAQUET” instituted by the “COURTEL” legal system of judges, courts, the judicial administrative and regulatory agencies, both State and Federal wherein the TARGETED PARTY is NOT having a trial, but is being “railroaded by the court in a case that is ALREADY fixed against the YOU!”

Their presiding is merely a pretext for their decision to independently take it upon themselves to deny YOUR civil right to a fair, impartial judge, hearing and trial by broadcasting their “dog whistle signal to the Appeals court” to deny your Writ petition and issue an order in their support! THE SUPREME COURT “LEAKED” THEIR DRAFT OF THE ROE V WADE DECISION BEFORE ACTUALLY RULING!

These entities have made such a mockery of justice that now these judges do not hesitate to deny or violate a TARGETED PARTY litigants rights and defy them to file a Writ Appeal knowing that the Supreme Court, Appeals Court, Superior Court Administration, the Judicial Council, and the Commission on Judicial Performance, will cover up and white-wash their criminal activity! These criminal justices are forcing appellants into the Appeals Court cemetery for civil rights, where the Rule of Law is Overruled and Outlawed, by the death of due process, where justice is a miscarriage voided by the treason of truth, buried with the homicide of human rights, forced into the dumpster for denial, where litigants rights are banished to rot in oppression, and die!!

The Judicial disciplinary bodies have a blank check drawn against YOU, the TARGETED PARTY’s civil and human rights, right to due process, property, pursuit of happiness and freedom AND ORDAINED it to a person whom, when they so decided, WILL declare not merely any law, statue, ordinance, etc. to be inapplicable, or irrelevant, but then, as they so decide, WILL declare them mis-entitled and entitle them as they chose to dispose of them as they wish! If you think this hyperbole or hysteria… check the many complaints as exhibited by the politicians enlisted herein. The TARGETED PARTY knows his civil and human rights, right to due process, property, pursuit of happiness and freedom have been lost, so exactly how is he going to convince The Supreme Court, The Federal Courts, The Appeals Court,The Presiding Court Judge, The Judicial Council, The Commission on Judicial Performance, or any other legal entity to give him a fair and just court hearing to prove they are not? Is the TARGETED PARTY suppose to think these Judicial bodies are going to be investigated and be fair in ruling now?

Bonta’s COINTELPRO COURTEL’S dramatic long standing effects are characterized by tyrannical and Corrupt Federal, State, and Local Government Judicial and Law Enforcement Agencies; Rampant Fraud and Corruption; Class, Race, Gender/Sex and Caste Societal Wars; Dehumanization of the Minority and Poor Masses; Financial Collapse; Famine, Disease; Food Insecurity; Affordable Housing Drought; Sky Rocketing Unemployment; Social Unrest; Environmental Disaster; other characteristics representative of a Cataclysmic Decline in Society as the Rich Top 2% Just Get Richer at everyone else’s expense!! They want the WORLD to believe they’re GOD’S vicegerents on earth and pledge allegiance to THEM- then GOD, to honor their dishonor, to gracefully ignore their disgrace, to hold them in reverence ABOVE GOD while they do the Devils work!!

This Judicial Cult of Immoral Dishonor, this “COURTEL”, with no accountability grievously disintegrates in “a monumentally moral descent into the very exclusive part of HELL for Criminal Justices who swear others to GOD but themselves are sworn to Judicial Purgatory as Satan’s Slaves!”