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Recently the Oakland Gang Injunction passed because then City Attorney John Russo had the support of ACLU whom has mobilized organizers to support, not fight it, to the peril of the Black Community!

Marshawn Lynch Super Bowl Champ!

This was nothing but another tool for developers to continue exercising gentrification of the Black Community unopposed because of the apathy and lack of leadership in defending our rights from the so-called Black leaders! Where is the National Action Network, NAACP, CORE, Rainbow Coalition, you or any other national group that alleges to stand for Civil Rights when we are being raped and “Okey Doaked” by the “white liberal” defenders of the public trust?

Every defendant “served”, and I use that term without any credibility under the legal process, with the unconstitutional injunction that has an attorney has been dropped from the matter! But those that were unrepresented were being “convicted” in a civil proceeding with criminal implications because they did not have legal representation provided as in a criminal matter! If just one defaulted, the system will entrap the rest of the youth population for ever.

Conveniently the ACLU and LCCR did not represent theses people while filing a Amicus Brief yet venturing into the community with white liberal organizers that benefited from the demise of the youth punished by the injunction to advocate and pre-sell it’s inevitability and lobby for it’s acceptance as a needed measure to fight crime.

Forget about the “double jeopardy” that these Black youth face in a civil/criminal legal web cast by a crooked City Attorney whom has fabricated and planted that fabricated evidence in a case file, gave the case file to the defendants for nearly a year, and gave the case file to a judge for trial without notifying the court! See more on the City Attorney in other posts herein.

Jerry Rice @ Fam1st Football Camp

al-Hakim and Nowtruth mobilized attorney’s to represent these poor, under served youth and secured ALL-Americans, NFL All-Pro, NBA World Champions, North Oakland residents, Oakland Tech High School and U. C. Berkeley classmates Marshawn Lynch and Leon Powe along with several native Oakland celebrities to join national celebrities in this fight! Through the collaboration of the individuals, Lynch’s “Fam1st”, Powe’s “Fresh Start Oakland”,the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation, and others, we provided the much needed legal support, and alternatives to these profiled youth to succeed in life and not be eliminated from it because some developers want their families property and them out the neighborhood. WE ACTED IMMEDIATELY and ended that travesty for ALL we worked with!

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