Oscar Grant 's Mother Speaks for 1st Time Ever!

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July 23, 2010,
Oakland, CA:
Martin Silverman (510) 394-4701
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Oscar Grant ‘s Mother Speaks for 1st Time Ever!

On Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 8:20 am, the Honorable Rev. Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant, visits Legal Affairs Reporter and co-host of “The Gosple Experience” Gabrielle Wilson of KPFA Radio 94.1 FM in Berkeley California, in her first public interview ever, with a sit-down, up close and personal discussion of her faith and reflections upon the life she has been challenged with on “The Gosple Experience.” Cephus “Bobby” Johnson, her brother and spokesman for the family joins the discussion. Listeners are encouraged to phone in with questions, support and comments by calling in studio at (510) 848-4425 or (800) 958-9008. ABC-TV San Francisco will cover the event for the national news.
The Program will air live over the internet on http://www.kpfa.org/ and KPFA 94.1 FM; KPFB 89.3 FM; KFCF- Fresno, CA- 88.1 FM;  KCSB – Santa Barbara, CA – 91.9 FM; KDRT-LP – Davis, CA – 101.5 FM; KDVS – Davis, CA – 90.3 FM; KHSU in Arcata, CA- 90.5 FM; KIDE – Hoopa, CA – 91.3 FM; KMUD – Redway, CA – 88.3 & 91.1 FM; KMEC-LP – Ukiah, CA – 105.1 FM; KNFS-LP – Tulare, CA – 98.1 FM; KUSP – Santa Cruz, CA – 88.9 FM; KVMR – Nevada City, CA – 89.5 &105.1 FM; KZFR – Chico, CA – 90.1 FM
On July 17, 2010 KPFA had a Special Broadcast with Tom Frainier of SemiFreddis/The Bread Project; Gian “G” Pepe of Pepe International/Little Napoli Resturant/Carmel Bakery, Doc. Marcus Flowers of Kangen Water, and the Khalil Shaheed Benefit at the Stanford Jazz Festival as follows:
Tom Frainier of SemiFreddis, Gian “G” Pepe of Pepe International/Little Napoli Resturant/Carmel Bakery discussing Haas School of Business, the Y.E.A.H. Program, The Bread Project and giving back to the community:


Doc. Marcus Flowers of Kangen Water discussing the benefits of PH balanced water on the body:

and the Khalil Shaheed Benefit at the Stanford Jazz Festival with him being honored by the U.S. Congress, California Senate, City of Oakland and Masjidul Waritheen:

I want to thank everyone that participated on the show, you were all phenomenal, and you have some incredible material for your websites and social network medias to share with friends and business associates.

Thanks again,



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