Request for Information/Investigation Non-Service of Notice California Appeals Court

TO:        Beth Robbins
Charles Johnson
Deputy Clerk
First District Court of Appeal
350 McAllister Street
San Francisco CA 94102
FROM: Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim
DATE: October 9, 2018 
RE: Appellant al-Hakim’s Request for Information/Investigation Non-Service of Notice, Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim vs. Superior Court, Appeals case: Appeal Case No.A153640, Superior Court case No.: C-811337
Dear Ms. Robbins and Mr. Johnson: 
On July 27, 2018, I received an Order from the Appeals Court dated July 16, 2018, dismissing the above action due to an “unopposed” June 22, 2018, motion to dismiss filed by Defendant-Respondent, CSAA- Wellpoint Asset Recovery LLC. The order is stamped  by P J Jones (Presiding Judge Barbara J. R. Jones) and filed by Charles D. Johnson, Clerk, on the same date.
I was NEVER served any motion to dismiss by CSAA, nor any motion to compel discovery by CSAA, and this is clearly a well established patterned litigation practice employed by them and I have brought this fact to the attention of the courts many, many times before as well as they historically NEVER have any supporting proof of service that is legally and properly executed, is always unsigned so that they are NOT under the penalty of perjury. The order is the unsavory product of CSAA’s unscrupulous, immoral fraud and that immorality has been drastically redefined in recent times, arguably the boundaries of what is judicially acceptable remain publicly policed!
I was NEVER served any filing notice of any type from the Appeals Court of any motion to dismiss by CSAA, no briefing schedule, no schedule of motion practice, and this clearly should have been the practice of the courts as it has before with Anne Reasoner and Truefiling. I NEVER received any email, or U. S. postal mail from Reasoner or the appeals court nor any electronic service from TrueFiling, which is the norm, and there is NO RECORD of any type that any of them sent any notice of any type to me! 
How is it possible for this to even happen and the court does NOT acknowledge that it IS a reason for the unopposed motion, and there is NO RECORD of any type that the appeals court EVER sent ANY notices of any type regarding the motion to dismiss to me?!
I respectfully ask the court to conduct and provide an extensive Information/Investigation to explain “what happened?”.
Call if you have any questions, and “Thank you” for your consideration. 
Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim

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