Supreme Court Restricts Review of Ineffective Counsel Claims in Death Penalty Cases

In a 6-3 decision written by Justice Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a federal court may not consider new evidence outside the state-court record in deciding whether the state violated a person’s Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel at trial.

Shinn v. Ramirez addresses the cases of two men sentenced to death in Arizona after they received constitutionally ineffective assistance at trial.

Judges are Politicians, just hoods in black robes!

Barry Jones asserts that he was wrongly sentenced to death for the sexual assault and murder of his girlfriend’s four-year-old daughter. After his court-appointed lawyer failed to investigate and present readily available medical evidence showing that the child was not with Mr. Jones when her injuries were sustained, he claimed his rights were violated and a new trial was required.


Under Arizona law, state postconviction review was Mr. Jones’s first opportunity to challenge his trial lawyer’s ineffectiveness. But the state court appointed him a postconviction lawyer who did not even meet the minimum qualifications required by state law. That lawyer likewise failed to investigate and did not raise the claim that trial counsel was ineffective for failing to challenge the State’s medical evidence.

Not until Mr. Jones was appointed competent counsel in federal habeas proceedings did he have the chance to present the medical evidence, which the federal court relied on to find that both his trial and postconviction lawyers were ineffective. The court granted him a new trial, which was upheld by a unanimous panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals.

In a second case, David Ramirez was sentenced to death in 1990 after his trial lawyer failed to investigate and present evidence of his intellectual disabilities, which might have prevented imposition of the death penalty. His postconviction lawyer likewise failed to investigate his intellectual disability and did not argue that his trial counsel was ineffective.

The federal court appointed the Arizona Federal Public Defender to represent Mr. Ramirez, and they submitted evidence showing that he “grew up eating on the floor and sleeping on dirty mattresses in houses filthy with animal feces; that Ramirez’s mother would beat him with electrical cords; and that Ramirez displayed multiple apparent developmental delays, including ‘delayed walking, potty training, and speech’ and inability to maintain basic hygiene or to use utensils to eat.” The Ninth Circuit held the new evidence was substantial and ordered an evidentiary hearing.

In both cases, the federal courts relied on Martinez v. Ryan and Trevino v. Thaler, which held that a person whose postconviction lawyer fails to adequately challenge their trial lawyer’s ineffective performance may raise the ineffectiveness claim for the first time in federal court. These cases provided a critical safeguard for people sentenced to death who had deficient lawyers both at trial and in postconviction proceedings.

Arizona prosecutors appealed the Ninth Circuit’s decisions in Mr. Ramirez and Mr. Jones’s cases. They argued in the Supreme Court that the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA), a federal law passed in 1996 that severely restricts incarcerated and death-sentenced people’s access to federal habeas corpus review, bars a federal court from considering any evidence that was not presented in state court, even if Martinez and Trevinoallow the ineffectiveness claim to be raised in federal court.

At oral argument, Justices Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts questioned the inherent conflict in Arizona’s position, with Justice Thomas noting that it would be “rather odd” to “excuse a default under Martinez, but not allow the prisoner to make his underlying claim or develop his evidence.”

Notwithstanding these concerns, the conservative majority adopted Arizona’s position and effectively gutted the Court’s precedent in service of finality and deference to state courts.

The ruling “all but overrules” Martinez and Trevino, Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in a dissenting opinion joined by Justices Stephen G. Breyer and Elena Kagan. It is “perverse” and “illogical” to hold that a “petitioner cannot logically be faultless for not bringing a claim because of postconviction counsel’s ineffectiveness, yet at fault for not developing its evidentiary basis for exactly the same reason,” she wrote.

Ineffective assistance claims “frequently turn on errors of omission: evidence that was not obtained, witnesses that were not contacted, experts who were not retained, or investigative leads that were not pursued,” Justice Sotomayor wrote. “Demonstrating that counsel failed to take each of these measures by definition requires evidence beyond the trial record.”

Barring such evidence from being developed or considered in federal court, she wrote, renders Martinez “meaningless in many, if not most, cases,” because petitioners will not be able to prove the ineffectiveness claims that Martinez allows them to raise.

“For the subset of these petitioners who receive ineffective assistance both at trial and in state postconviction proceedings, the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee is now an empty one,” the dissent concluded. “Many, if not most, individuals in this position will have no recourse and no opportunity for relief.”

The decision means that Mr. Jones and Mr. Ramirez, “whose trial attorneys did not provide even the bare minimum level of representation required by the Constitution[,] may be executed because forces outside of their control prevented them from vindicating their constitutional right to counsel,” Justice Sotomayor wrote.

And in addition to them, the decision “will leave many people who were convicted in violation of the Sixth Amendment to face incarceration or even execution without any meaningful chance to vindicate their right to counsel.”

Hammer “Rap-The-Vote Concert Series” Secured Re-Election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin

As long as there are reformers in the Russian Federation and the other states leading the journey toward democracy’s horizon, our strategy must be to support them. And our place must be at their side.”

-President Bill Clinton on the re-election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1995- 

Russian President Boris Yeltsin at White House with President Bill Clinton

Our HISTORIC Hammer “Rap-The-Vote Concert Series” Secured Re-Election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin AND Spawned Rise of Vladamir Putin to Power!

This 1995 revisited article was written strictly from a WORLD  HISTORIC perspective about how our “WORLD ALTERING” Urban-American, western style, political campaign strategy utilizing M. C. Hammer in a “Rap-The-Vote Concert Series” secured the 18-45 voter turnout and the re-election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1995 with the “Our Home Is Russia” (NDR), a Russian liberal political party. Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim devised a strategic plan, executive produced, produced, filmed and broadcast on Russian National TV a series of concerts in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and the WORLD. This campaign tactic was their most effective strategy, greatest strength- uniquely different and vastly superior to anything Russia had ever witnessed. This comprehensive, targeted attack with our expertise well grounded in modern focused campaigning strategy, advertising, marketing, and promotions was trumpeted for saving Russian democracy with Yeltsin’s re-election ensuring continuity in the Democratic evolution of Russia and securing world peace. The television programming was so successful that it has regularly run on air since 1995!

This strategy was trumpted for saving Russian democracy with Yeltsin’s re-election ensuring continuity in the Democratic evoultion of Russia and securing world peace.

The television programming was so successful that it has regularly run on air since 1995!



At the time we began our concerts and campaign events over the weeks in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin was then Deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, organized the St. Petersburg branch of the Party Our Home Is Russia, was it’s Chairman, and led the campaign issue of the party in the elections to the Duma that led to his rise to power and being named President of Russia by Boris Yeltsin. 

After our concerts and campaign events over the weeks ending in Moscow, our overwhelmingly positive Polling numbers cemented the campaign an incredible success and this strategy was heralded world wide by political pundits as “incredibly brilliant”, “ a global coup”, “a miraculous event in history”, a “triumph for democratic reform” and “universally invaluable” in it’s effect of being “a savior”, as Yeltsin was the only alternative to guaranteeing the West’s and the World’s political, economic, and military security to carry out their reform agenda.

BUT, with a Western audience in mind, but I must add an important clarification that I do not aim to justify the authoritarian tendency or the confrontational policies undertaken by Russia, EVER. However, a sober conversation about missed opportunities, of what went wrong, requires a scrutinizing evaluation not only of Russian, but also of the rest of the World, including China, North Korea, South America, Israel and the United States.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has been traversing its own, often difficult path toward independent development. The trajectory of the country’s development was mostly determined by internal factors, particularly concerning the balance of power among various sections of the Russian elite.

For Russia, the early 1990s were one of those critical junctures when many paths were open. The politically active section of society defeated a decrepit totalitarian regime, hoping to restore Russia’s full participation in the community of developed states in the global north. In those days, the most pressing question in Russian society appeared to concern identity: Who are we? In searching for an answer, many members of the reformist elite waited for the West to extend a hand in friendship, to offer assistance as equals.

Accordingly, many among the Russian elite and society at large answered that question by attempting to reclassify their country as a member of the “first world.” It was the world Andrei Sakharov dreamed that Russia could join, as yesterday’s foe and tomorrow’s friend. That move, they hoped, could lead to Russia’s deeper integration into the West’s political, economic, and security structures, such as the EU, NATO, WHO, Schengen Zone, and the World.

Such a move, had it been successful, would not have prevented a nationalist backlash in subsequent years but might at least have limited it: elites integrated into Western systems would have valued the advantages of their position. And if, regardless of those achievements, Russia’s leaders had still opted for isolationism, then the world would be discussing “Russia’s Brexit” and its departure from the EU. It would not be discussing the invasion of Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, wars in Georgia and Chechnya, and the evisceration of constitutional freedoms in Russia.

“Our Home Is Russia” (NDR) was a Russian liberal political party founded in 1995, existed to 2006, by former Gazprom chairman, then Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. It was a liberal, centrist political movement, founded for the purpose of rallying more technocratic-reformist (right-wing) government supporters. At the time of its founding, Chernomyrdin had the backing of Russian president Boris Yeltsin along with numerous large financial institutions such as Association of Russian Banks, and major companies such as Gazprom, of which he was formerly the chairman. 

Viktor Chernomyrdin, served as Russia’s prime minister under then President Boris Yeltsin from 1992 to 1998, a turbulent period of economic hardship and political turmoil as a bankrupted Russia struggled to recreate itself as a democracy after the Soviet collapse, developing as a market economy while throwing off communism and engineered the creation of Gazprom, now the world’s biggest gas company.

Previously Yeltsin tacitly supported Russia’s Choice as the preferred party to win the December 1993 elections for the Duma and carry out the reform agenda that the late Supreme Soviet had stalled. However, the failure of Russia’s Choice and other reform-oriented parties in that election forced Yeltsin to change his strategy, once again relying on Chernomyrdin, his emerging “Party of Power,” the industrial-military complex, the armed forces, and the KGB–to the detriment of the legislature and Russian democracy.

The leaders of the Democratic Russia Movement, the coalition that pressed Mikhail Gorbachev to annul the communist monopoly on power in February 1990, that launched Yeltsin into the Russian presidency in June 1991, and that then gave birth to the Russia’s Choice party.

The movement attracted the sympathies and interests of many prominent members of the ruling elite of Russia, and NDR was thus nicknamed “the party of power”. It was also known as the party of the Oligarchs, the position previously identified with another political party, Democratic Choice of Russia. Two other parties were interested in cooperating with NDR after its foundation: parts of the Agrarian Party of Russia and Democratic Choice of Russia. Together their platform would promote “freedom, property, and legality”, and would favor such policies as reducing the state’s role in the economy, support for small businesses, privatization of agriculture, military cutbacks and sought “a normal life in Russia” and peace in Chechnya after the First Chechen War. However, after Chernomyrdin’s candidacy for a second term as Prime Minister was in 1998 rejected by the Duma, Our Home – Russia declined the other parties’ bid for cooperation.

Boris Yeltsin wanted to establish a two-party system in 1995 after the American model and advocated the establishment of a center-right and a left- centrist electoral blocs. Yeltsin’s aim was on the one hand to clip the extreme parties on the political fringe, even at the head of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov KPRF away from the power. On the other hand, Yeltsin wanted to create functional, loyal and non-ideological parties to consolidate its power and stability of the country.

The main parties competing in the 1996 Russian Duma elections learned a lesson from 1993 and made wider use of popular artistic and sports figures ¡in advertisements, for endorsements, and as candidates for office. Chernomyrdin’s party even used the American rapper M. C. Hammer. These popular figures help establish a party’s image. To this day, most of Russia’s parties center around personalities and not platforms, and they have yet to consolidate loyal, definable constituencies.

The 1999 Duma elections also followed this trend. The greatest vote-getter was Yedinstvo, a party formed only weeks prior to the elections, which had no political or economic platforms and whose only overt identity was support for Vladimir Putin, the popular prime minister. Therefore, the image that Russian parties convey on television can prove more crucial than in established democracies. This means that whoever has the slickest ad, appeals to emotions (such as Yedinstvo did with the war in Chechnya), and boasts the most charismatic personality often wins the vote. 

Some analysts explain Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s surprise success in the 1993 election by his adept use of symbolism and sleek soundbites, as others have partly attributed Yeltsin’s victory in the June 1991 Russian presidential elections to wide use of popular symbolism, as advised by the Krieble Institute of Washington.

The “Rap-The-Vote Concert Series” was particularly strange given Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin cherished his stodgy, button-down reputation. He was not young, he is not funky, and he most definitely does not “rock the house.” And that is why it was a bit surprising that Chernomyrdin’s campaign hired the American rapper M. C. Hammer to enliven the image of “Our Home Is Russia”, the centrist political party. 

M. C. Hammer in Russian “Rap-The-Vote Concert Series”

Against a glowing red, white and blue “Our Home Is Russia” backdrop at the Rossiya concert hall, Hammer bellowed, “We feel like bustin’ loose!”. 

The campaign for Russia’s parliamentary elections, which were held on Dec. 17, 1995, has begun, with about 5,000 candidates struggling for the attention of voters. And although almost all of them are wrapping themselves in patriotism, nationalism and fierce anti-Western slogans, their campaigns have gone completely Hollywood. 

In television advertising, sex, money and fear-mongering are far more prominent this year than issues and platforms. Although Russia has experimented with American-style campaign tactics before, this campaign is beginning to look like a Soviet propagandist’s worst caricature of the American democratic process. 

Some politicians, like the extreme nationalist Vladimir V. Zhirinovsky, are selling themselves with the kind of erotic imagery usually reserved for car advertisements and music videos. Others, including the popular nationalist general, Aleksandr Lebed, are using slick, scary spots about crime and corruption. And almost every party is using celebrities. Pop stars and actors are not just endorsing candidates, they are running for office on almost every party list. 

Even the Communists are not immune to showbiz. Nikolai Gubenko, a popular actor and theater director, is a top party candidate.

“Except for the Communist Party, there is such weak party identity in Russia that candidates have to sell personalities, not political platforms,” said Michael McFaul, an expert on Russian politics at Stanford University. “It becomes Hollywood glitzy – what personality can make us famous?” 

Our Home Is Russia is known as the “party of power” because it is made up of government officials, is backed by the major Russian banks and has political clout and money, but it has fared poorly in most public opinion polls. 

The party has recruited Nikita Mikhalkov, the Oscar-winning actor in “Burnt by the Sun” and the movie’s director, as well as Ludmila Zykina, a famous anthem singer who was the Soviet Kate Smith. 

Its managers are chasing the vote of the disaffected youth in a way that would make Gary Hart blush. 

“We have to use different, unusual means to wake the voters up,” said Yuri Shuvalov, 30, a campaign strategist.

The state-owned television and radio stations, including ORT, Russia’s largest network, which was formerly state-owned and is now partly owned by a consortium of banks sympathetic to the government, will each give free airtime to all parties – a maximum of one hour a month. They also will sell additional, paid, airtime to campaigns, but ORT has determined that candidates and parties can only buy three minutes of additional airtime. Candidates and their parties are free to buy airtime on Russia’s private networks, but only ORT is broadcast nationwide. 

If many of the candidate’s paid advertisements look like flashy MTV videos, the taped appeals on free airtime that began appearing on Tuesday looked more like late-night public-access television. Politicians like Yegor T. Gaidar of the democratic Russia’s Choice party, and Ivan Rybkin, the speaker of Parliament, running with his own centrist party, fumbled with their notes, fidgeted in their pockets and looked in the wrong cameras. 

Though all the major parties are producing slick television advertisements that concentrate on image more than substance, Zhirinovsky still leads the pack. His first television advertisement, broadcast on the Moscow channel, features a sexy cabaret singer, purring a love song to him (“The world would be so boring without you/you are my idol’”) as she teasingly unzips her blouse. Behind her, a giant screen flickers with clips of Zhirinovsky in action, including the time he flung a glass of orange juice in the face of his opponent during a televised debate. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin

Vladimir Putin was then Deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, who became president of Russia, organized in 1995, the St. Petersburg branch of the Party Our House Russia, was it’s Chairman, and led the campaign issue of the party in the elections to the Duma.

Not necessarily for OHR, of course, but the bloc’s name was prominent on the publicity posters and its deputy chairman in St. Petersburg Alexander Prokhorenko agreed that the existence of OHR was likely to penetrate the minds of MC Hammer fans along with his music.

The concert was aimed to encourage the city’s apolitical young people to vote. “I don’t believe that thinking people could go to a concert and then immediately vote for OHR,” he said. “But at least they will start to wonder who we are.”

Free concert tickets were distributed to the city’s schools, higher education institutes, military academies and youth clubs. “This should be an election for the generation aged between 20 and 40,” Mr. Prokhorenko said. “It must determine its own fate or else the development of Russia on general world lines could slow down.”

He feared that if young people stayed at home on election day and did not support democratic forces then there could be a repeat of the 1993 picture where three-quarters of the electorate did not vote “and only afterwards complain about decisions that are taken. It is obvious that Duma deputies do not represent the majority of people.”

“We are not a political party, we are a social movement,” said Mr Prokhorenko. “We do not have the organizational structures of a political party and there is no official membership system, you just announce that you are a member of our movement,” he continued.

St. Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak declared his support for OHR, and his wife Ludmilla Narusova was a candidate on the bloc’s federal list.

Mr. Prokhorenko himself is a deputy in the City Assembly. Nevertheless he denied that OHR deserved the oft-quoted label “party of power.” “That is a stereotype which is not correct,” he said. “The essence of any party is the aims it sets itself, and only after that the people who participate in it. “Our purpose is to get the largest possible number of professionally prepared, experienced politicians elected to the Duma.”

In that case, it would have seemed logical for OHR to unite with other democratic parties in opposition to communists and ultra-nationalists.

Mr. Prokhorenko said he did not think so, as Russia had been a totalitarian country for so long that it was time for some freedom of choice.

“The fact that we have democrats of the Rybkin, Yavlinsky, Gaidar and Chernomyrdin types is an expression of Russian minds,” he said. “Maybe it’s not very useful for the country, but it’s objective.”

Former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin was laid to rest after an emotional eulogy by Vladimir Putin.

Former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin was laid to rest after an emotional eulogy by Vladimir Putin. The usually tough and sharp-tongued Putin, the current prime minister, spoke at his funeral service and at one point he paused and appeared to be struggling to hold back tears. His voice trembled as he said: “We will miss Viktor. We will hold his memory in our hearts and in our work.”






November 1995- M. C. Hammer in Russia, The Re-election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin by “Our Home Is Russia”, Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin’s Political Party

Prime Minister Chernomyrdin’s party was struggling to distance their leader from the unpopularity of the Government he headed, resolved to using western style campaign strategy. “Our Home” promised economic stability and continuation of the Democratic course of Yeltsin’s government.

In November 1995 Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim executive produced, produced, filmed and broadcast on Russian National TV a series of concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow by MC Hammer in an urban style, “Rap-The-Vote” to secure the 18-45 voter turnout and re-election of President Boris Yeltsin. Polling after the concerts was overwhelmingly positive..

“Hammer is our father and rap is a very serious subject for me and if Chernomyrdin can give us Hammer then we will give him our vote.” said Oleg, an 18-year old Russian rap fan in attendance.

Being Prime Minister gave Chernomyrdin a huge advantage in access to Russian voters, with slick campaign posters, he told AP “we are using American pop music performances to drum up support among Russian youth for his political campaign”; the video scenes showed M.C. Hammer performing. Chernomyrdin’s travels around Russia in his capacity as Prime Minister, but looked more like the political campaign trail of an American President.

This strategy was trumpeted as “world altering” for saving Russian democracy with Yeltsin’s re-election ensuring continuity in the evolution of Russia and securing world peace.

This strategy was heralded world wide by political pundits as “incredibly brilliant”, a “triumph for democratic reform” and “universally invaluable” in it’s effect of having “saved” Russian democracy, as Yeltsin was the only alternative in ensuring continuity in the evolution of Russia and securing world peace.

This coup, a miraculous event in history, was depicted and canonized in a 2004 film 

“Spinning Boris” starring Jeff Goldblum, Anthony LaPaglia and Liev Schreiber.

“Spinning Boris” The Best President of Russia America Ever Had   ..L. A. Times Review

Jeff Goldblum, Anthony LaPaglia and Liev Schreiber star as a trio of elite American political campaign operatives who were hired in secret to manage Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s election campaign in 1996. He’s polling at 6 percent with the election a few months away. First, they must get someone’s attention; they succeed finally with Yeltsin’s daughter, then it’s polling, focus groups, messages and spin. Even as Yeltsin’s numbers go up, they are unsure who hired them and if Yeltsin’s allies have a different plan in mind than victory. When the going gets toughest, they put a spin on their stake: democracy and capitalism must win. They orchestrate the most spectacular political comeback of the twentieth century – as they “sold” Boris Yeltsin to the Russian public gaining Yeltsin’s successful re-election.

The Re-election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin at Excerpts of “Clinton Secrets” in a book by JOHN DIAMOND

The campaign tactic was their most effective strategy, greatest strength- uniquely different and vastly superior to anything Russia had ever witnessed. This strategic plan with our expertise well grounded in modern American campaigning got Yeltsin re-elected. This was simply a matter of fact that he was the best the modern world could get compared to the alternative communist and he was fully supported by the U.S.

A State Department memorandum, marked “confidential,’’ summarized then President Bill Clinton’s meeting with Yeltsin at a summit in Egypt, where Clinton told Yeltsin he ”wanted to make sure that everything the United States did would have a positive impact and nothing should have a negative impact’’ on Yeltsin’s re-election. The memo added the U. S. wanted an upcoming summit with the Russian leader to be successful to “reinforce everything that Yeltsin had done.’’

Excerpts of “Clinton Secrets” in a book by JOHN DIAMOND, Associated Press Writer

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Chris Walker Performs on Sirius Radio “Everyday Woman”

It’s not without some measure of fear and trepidation that gospel music puts checks and balances on reverse crossover artists. After all, for every general-market hopeful with pure, Christ-honoring motives, there’s always a controversial artist—good-intentioned, but ultimately far from the integrity, character, and value system required to represent Jesus to the church and to the world.

Four-time GRAMMY®-winning R&B/Pop songstress Regina Belle is a different story. Even as the New Jersey native rode high in the urban charts throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s with such urban classics as “Baby Come to Me,” “Make It Like It Was” and “What Goes Around,” faith, churchgoing, and gospel music remained at the very core of her life in the spotlight.


Omar Sosa Afreecanos Quartet


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Five-time GRAMMY-nominated composer and pianist Omar Sosa returns to Yoshi’s Oakland with his regular rhythm section of Childo Tomas from Mozambique on electric bass, and Marque Gilmore, now from Stockholm, on drums and electronics, plus special guest saxophone and flute player from Cuba, Leandro Saint-Hill.  Leandro was part of the groundbreaking recording sessions at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City in 2008 that resulted in two GRAMMY nominations for Omar’s genre-bending CD release, Across The Divide.
At Yoshi’s Oakland, Omar will be featuring new material from his current recording-in-progress, entitled Afri-Lectric.  This CD project is loosely inspired by the music of Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue recording, and evolved from a commission Omar received from the Barcelona Jazz Festival to prepare a tribute to the famous CD on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.


Brenda Wong Aoki/Mark Izu’s Kabuki Jazz Cabaret

2unknownname“… Brenda Wong Aoki presents a new work, blending kyogen and noh with jazz by her no-less eclectic husband, Mark Izu.”
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Mark Izu and Brenda Wong Aoki are back for their annual Halloween Home Season! With all new stories and music.


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The Velveteen Rabbit
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The second one is Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation Kids Celebrity Gift BackPacks.

You can view the following Santa Fe Elementary School’s Peace March with Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation, SemiFreddi’s, Trader Joe’s, Little Ceasar’s Pizza, Marshawn Lynch’s “Fam1ly F1rst” and Leon Powe’s “Fresh Start Oakland”:
Santa Fe Elementary School’s Peace March with Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation

Santa Fe Elementary Little Caesars Pizza Part 1

Santa Fe Elementary Little Caesars Pizza Part 2

You can listen to or download many of the Public Service Announcements for our partners that were broadcast over national radio on the page “A& MWF Supports Inter-Faith Multi-Cultural Events” at: We have provided and we have produced videos from some of them as well.  We will do one for any of our partners that work with us.

Alameda County Community Food Bank!

The Alameda County Community Food Bank is looking for new member agencies that will provide food bags and/or hot meals to Alameda County community members year-round.

We are especially interested in new member agencies that are:

  • Open during high-need times of afternoon, evening, and/or weekend hours
  • Serving clients in high-need areas of:
  • Downtown Oakland/Chinatown (94612 zip code)
  • West Oakland (94607 zip code)
  • East Oakland-Eastlake area (94606 zip code)
  • East Oakland- Elmhurst area (94603 zip code)
  • East Oakland- Fruitvale area (94601 zip code)
  • San Leandro & San Lorenzo area
  • Tri-Cities area (Fremont, Newark, Union City)

Benefits of Membership
Membership gives your agency:

  1. Free & low-cost food (including free farm-fresh produce)
  2. Free trainings & skill-building sessions
  3. Opportunities to apply for grants to increase agency capacity
  4. Access to free nutritional education services, Food Stamp (CalFresh) outreach services, and the emergency food referral Helpline

To become a Member Agency, your organization must:

  • Be a non-profit, charitable organization that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. (Other 501c organizations, such as 501c5, do not qualify).
  • Operate an emergency food program, such as a food pantry, hot meal program/soup kitchen, or emergency shelter that is open to walk-in clients.*
  • Distribute food regularly for at least 3 months prior to applying for membership.
  • Provide food directly to individuals and families in need. At least 51% of your clients must be low-income.
  • Distribute Food Bank food at no charge. Your agency may not ask for donations from clients for food.
  • Not require clients to work or to attend any religious activities in exchange for food or meals.
  • Be willing to follow Food Bank regulations such as (but not limited to) submitting monthly food distribution reports and taking food safety training once per year.

* Please note: The Food Bank is not accepting new non-emergency programs at this time. Non-emergency programs include day care sites, afterschool programs, rehabilitation centers, treatment centers, and residential programs.

New Member Agency Application Process:

  1. Contact the Food Bank’’s Agency Services staff to let us know about your interest in Food Bank membership. You can email us at agency (at) or call us at 510-635-3663 ext. 365.
  • Agency Services staff will work with you to determine your eligibility
  • Attend a series of 2 trainings. At least 2 staff/volunteers from your agency must attend EACH of the trainings. We welcome (and highly encourage) agencies to bring more than 2 staff/volunteers to attend each training.
  • Note: The last round of training dates for 2011 has already passed. The next round of training dates will be sometime in January – March 2012. Please contact us to let us know about your interest in Food Bank membership so that we can contact you when these dates have been scheduled.
  • Submit a New Member Agency Application. Applications can only be submitted after at least 2 staff/volunteers from your agency have completed all 2 trainings.
  • Complete a successful site visit at your agency. Food Bank Agency Services staff will visit your site to see your program, facilities, and review food safety policies.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Agency Relations Committee. The Agency Relations Committee, a Food Bank board committee of staff and volunteers from current member agencies, will review and select member agencies eligible to join the Food Bank. Decisions are usually made within 6-8 weeks from the training dates.
FREE Business Strategic Plan

Are you interested in growing your business?
We are offering a FREE Business analysis and will discuss your needs for an overall Strategic Plan including a Website upgrade with a national media campaign, after you have completed the Strategic Planning Client Questionnaire on our websiteand schedule a meeting to contract our services and move forward to SUCCESS!
We can mount a media campaign for you with events and advantages your business offers to potential clients as the centerpiece of that effort. This could not only provide exposure and build your new brand, but could also build your business development with corporate sponsors, business partners, non-profit organizations and donors.
You could be your own special BRAND within and without the business campaign! This will not detract from the business campaign in any way and inevitably lead to other business opportunities, and a very effective social position that will allow you to achieve more business goals!
We will be integrally involved in creating the campaign concept with you as both a separate branded entity and the business brand. We would develop them within the overall brand platform and defining a tangible brand experience across the myriad offerings of the business services and social activities. Our work will touch on all aspects of the business as a brand, and the brand’s physical presentation; client offerings; programs; events; promotions; Web site; marketing; advertising; publicist; social media managements; sponsorship vehicles; and creation of “your business Community” through multi-channel strategies for both traditional and new media to engender an engaging, interactive and sustainable customer experience.
We will to develop and create expedient, viable, replicable solutions to optimize your bottom line, raise your public profile and social perception while increasing the satisfaction quotient for your customers.
As a means for us to move forward I would like to begin the initial intake process for you as a Strategic Planning Client. To that end I would like you are to complete our on-line “Strategic Planning Client Questionnaire” on our website at:
Complete the form as thoroughly as you can so that we can move forward in an informed, intelligent way to achieve your stated goals.
If you like, please fill out the  Website Design Client Questionnaire at: to give us a good idea of your website needs. This will help clarify your website goals, design ideas, features, budget, and timeline. The more details you can give us, the better we will understand your needs and be able to provide you with the best service possible. As always if you get stuck or have questions, please give us a quick call and we will be glad to help.
The things that I feel you needs to address on your website/blog are:
1) E-Commerce with PayPal and all top payment services (including charitable donations),
2) Forms completion,
3) Cloud Storage for documents with selective access,
4) Video Conferencing and Chat,
5) Client Services Web Chat,
6) Audio and Video Display,
7) Members Only and Private Pages access,
8) Blog Post latest news and messages
You should take the time while at the website to review a great source of information on our company here and more useful information on the following pages:
Social Media Management at:
Publicist Services at:
New Client Questionnaire at:
There is much work to do and we are committed and prepared to work with you and look forward to our attaining success beyond your wildest dream!
Thank you again for allowing us to help you as we look forward to many more successful efforts!



The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (A&MWF) is a non-denominational, multi-cultural,100% volunteer financed and operated relief organization that provides FREE food, medicine, clothing, educational and employment opportunities, mental and physical health referrals, legal aid, shelter and other necessities to individuals, children, families, and organizations who lack these essentials for any reason. We provide private school and college admissions educational opportunities; assists with referrals for job training and placement; rental assistance; social services assistance; homelessness assistance; mental and physical health assistance; medical assistance and legal aid assistance referrals FREE for ANYONE whom has the need at the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation website.

Providing The Necessities For Success In Life

A&MWF, a public services organization based on GIVING AND SHARING, has created a 100% volunteer self-operated, self-supported, self financed model defined by developing the marketplace of a network that features high-performing results in the invaluable areas of: youth development; elementary, secondary and college education; poverty alleviation; mental and physical health medical services; social services, as well as other economic-empowerment programs for individuals, families; and small businesses.

A&MWF delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to over 4,000 individuals- children, families, and organizations per month who lack these essentials and is pioneering a new trend, as government and community funds grapple with the recession and the challenges of raising funds, WE have forged an awareness and sustained an effort to connect those in dire need with service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups with these causes. We have taken community foundations and moved into social networking, reaching beyond static “bricks and mortar” to interactive Web sites to serve as a dynamic virtual clearinghouses or “town square” that holds conversations between those in NEED and their local charities, citizens, donors, and volunteers.
A&MWF has made it easy and effortless for service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups to connect with those in NEED, as we have received more individuals needs profiles submitted on this site. The profiles include their contact information, information about their needs, desired solutions, pleas for their need satisfaction, and a listing of opportunities to achieve their solution. We also have profiles submitted of individuals as prospective donors or volunteers, include information about the causes that interest them.
If you or someone that you know needs Quality of Life Aid, PLEASE fill out the form below so that we can determine the best way to assist them.

    Anyone can register at http://AMWFTRUST.ORG by submitting an online request form in a strictly confidential submission and they can also feel free to call the number (510) 394-4101 as well.


¿eX-whY AdVentures?
There are some good entertainment industry job listings below and on the “Casting Page” with Executive jobs in Sports and Entertainment with casting calls, auditions, and internships on the front page at!
We have a HipHop Ad Agency specializing in advertising, strategic planning, promotions and marketing targeting the hard to reach, but extremely lucrative, X-Y and Baby Boomer generations urban and suburban markets using Hip Hop culture, it’s sound, it’s fashion, it’s speak, it’s bravado, it’s image, it’s way, as the vehicle. We have registered the services of Hip Hop, Rap and RB’s elite artists, producers, directors, writers, choreographers, dancers, graff artist, B-boys, photographers, actors, models, and professional athletes to participate in this ¿eX-whY AdVentures?. We are producing commercial ads from concept, to creation, to production, to placement in media, – the entire process-, while owning our product!!!
We custom design, write, direct, produce, perform and provide all talent for the motion picture or television project, stage play, entertainment event, commercial ads, film trailers, soundtracks, the jingle, voice overs, and all promotions associated with the product.
We are developing jobs for actors, producers, directors, casting directors, and writers in the entertainment, commercial advertisement, stage, film and television fields.
To that end , our management agency would like you to provide us with a list of your castings calls that might fit this description for consideration in placement for jobs that you have.
We would be interested in any roles for anyone of our 10,000 Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Celebrity, Musicians, and Actors direct email recipients; our over 270,000 list members; and our over 21 million total readers of the publications we submit to.
As you can tell from our roster of talent, our Casting Division has a unique advantage in all forms of casting. With the growing popularity of ‘film and music video-style’ products, we have found that directors and producers value our ability to call in seasoned, serious talent from the film and television industries to add depth and quality to performances in stage, film, television and commercials.
More than two decades of feature film, television and commercial casting experience has provided us with strong relationships with agents, managers and talent which helps us to find the necessary talent to create innovative, creative and one-of-a-kind artistic product.
We can send Photos, Bios, videos, Comp Cards, CV with samples of work and salary requirements, where necessary. We are members of the Casting Society of America (C.S.A.), Independent Film Producers (I.F.P.), Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.), and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) to list a few.
There are some good entertainment industry job listings on the “Casting Page” with Executive jobs in Sports and Entertainment with casting calls, auditions, and internships on the front page at!


SUPERSTARS ENTERTAINMENT and SPORTS NETWORK has over 270,000 subscriber/members with a reach of over 21 million readers! The Network offers FREE advice and help with your sports or entertainment career, FREE Casting calls for TV shows, films, and stage, Invites to Red Carpet and Celebrity A-List Events, FREE notices of Sports and Entertainment jobs, FREE tickets to concerts, films, sporting events, symphony, amusement, and entertainment events, To be part of a Professional Network that provides what YOU need to advance YOUR career. Receive FREE Information and Opportunities for Entertainers and Professional Athlete Representation, Entertainment and Sports Marketing and Business Management in all areas of sports, music and entertainment matters for professional athletes in Entertainment, Motion Picture, Television, Stage, Radio, and Record contracts, Casting opportunities, product endorsements, commercial ads, corporate sponsorships, personal appearances, acting, event production, job placement, branding, funding support, training, event planning and promotion, film and TV production, recording, publishing, concert promotion, talent management, and merchandising. Selling of sports, television, radio, motion picture, and advertising products as well as multimedia, music recording and literary publishing. Subscribe to Superstars Network here. To learn more go to the “SUPERSTARS ENTERTAINMENT and SPORTS NETWORK” page on
We are offering FREE LISTENING OR DOWNLOADS of our iTunes and podcast of Entertainment Law, “The Art of Reppin Pro Athletes & Entertainers”and “Hip Hop & Spread of Islam” at:
iTunes at:
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We Provide and Share opportunities in the Sports and Entertainment Worlds
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* Drafting, reviewing and negotiating of contracts for professional athletes; entertainers, artists, recording; producing; motion picture, television, radio and video; performing and touring; booking; publishing; royalties, copyrights and trademarks; distribution; merchandising; interactive multimedia and the internet; synchronization licenses; mechanical licenses; and publishing clearances;
* Casting opportunities,product endorsements, commercial ads, corporate sponsorships, personal appearances, acting, event production, job placement, branding, funding support, training, event planning and promotion, film and TV production, recording, publishing, concert promotion, talent management, and merchandising. Selling of sports, television, radio, motion picture, and advertising products as well as multimedia, music recording and literary publishing;
* Contract negotiations, arbitrations, salary grievances, booking, production, management, recording, publishing, distribution, merchandising, licensing, to representation in copyright matters, royalty disputes, and an array of sports and entertainment issues and problems, with an emphasis on the sports and music industry;
* Provide special services to Rookies, Free Agents, Wavered players, and established Veterans by actively promoting and marketing your interest to the teams, securing try outs and contracts, while giving supplemental reports to selected teams to aid in your quest to get the big dollar contract. For every player, we secure alternate contracts with foreign teams in Canada, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Mexico, Africa, the Islands, as well as other American teams here. We secure contracts for try outs, tours, tournaments and leagues, in addition to employment referrals and aid in furthering your education. For those that do not make it in the United States the first time, we reorient you back into the U.S. pro sports industry with updated film, scouting reports, and information we release to all the pro teams on your progress, statistics, performances, and availability while acquiring new opportunities for you. There is absolutely no other agency or attorney that can do this for you. Just ask them. But….
* Record Demo Shopping; and Label Deals, independent record label, production deals, publishing company and/or distribution company deals.
* Programs that offer several Plans specially designed to fit your needs by providing you with expert advisers to ascertain your clients complete financial security. We provide the best professional advisers to negotiate you or your clients contract and advise you as to the length, the amount of money, the bonuses, incentives, and options in the contract. We have attorneys to procure all your legal needs, certified public accountants for your tax planning, financiers for your investment portfolio, insurance, and estate planning. Additionally we provide personal artist managers to enhance your commercial advertisement, product endorsement, and motion picture appeal. Subscribe to Superstars Network here.
We encourage and insist that you get yourself together and join SuperStars Network for all your needs and feel confident once again that your business is in the best hands, Yours! Call me collect. This is the wisest decision you could ever make.
We are members of the Casting Society of America (CSA), Independant Film Producers (IFP), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Producers Guild of America (PGA), and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)
Thanks, and don’t forget to check out our website at:
(510) 394-4601

October-November 2011 New Job Listings
Leading talent & literary management company is looking for a mailroom supervisor. Must have knowledge of office machines and be technologically savvy. Knowledge of Avaya phone system a plus. You will set up headsets for employees, program phones, supervise shipping, maintain the Xerox & binding machines, order supplies, coordinate requests from assistants and assign runners.  Please send your resume in pdf format to
Seeking a Director of Business Development and Sales for Los Angeles office to head the acquisition of new business and grow existing client relationships and accounts.  Super! Alright! is a creative agency/production company that produces commercials, Film + TV, and all types of new media for top-tier brands and clients. Candidates must have a proven track record in business development, both in initial outreach to prospective clients as well as negotiation and deal closure. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required. Please send resumes to:
Leading independent Production Company, based in Los Angeles, is seeking a Manager of Development to join its innovative and growing Development department. Key qualities include solid writing ability, strong work ethic, and sharp intellect. Must have experience developing and formatting original program ideas and a sincere interest in non-scripted television. Shooting and editing skills preferable, but not required. Please send cover letter, resume, writing sample and salary requirements to
Established Below the Line Agency is expanding their Commercial/Music Video Department and is seeking to hire an experienced agent or someone with relevant experience. For consideration please email your resume as an attachment only to
United Talent Agency (UTA) seeks qualified candidates for its agent trainee program. Previous industry experience and bachelors degree required. Candidates must be motivated, extremely detail oriented, have excellent communication and organizational skills and a desire to learn the business of talent representation. This is a very demanding environment with excellent opportunities to work in Film, Television, Music, New Media and Entertainment Marketing. Proficiency with Microsoft Office software is mandatory. Compensation includes overtime and full benefits. References required. for more information. Fax cover letter & resume to (310) 247-1111 or email to Attn: Human Resources. No calls.
CEO at prominent film school is in search of an experienced Executive Assistant. Looking for a computer proficient, educated positive person with a great attitude. Must take on any and all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. This is a full-time, paid position. Please email resumes and cover letters to
COO/CFO of a studio-affiliated production/finance company is looking for an executive assistant. Candidates must be highly organized and detail oriented with an ability to maintain high levels of accuracy while handling multiple tasks.  Understanding of basic accounting concepts via education and/or experience is required. Duties include general office and mild accounting .  Experience with MAS 200 Accounting Software a plus.  Computer system literate – proficiency in the use of MS Word and Excel.  Please e-mail resume and cover-letter to
Boutique talent and literary management company seeks a full time, executive assistant for president of the company.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to: heavy phones, making travel arrangements, scheduling, arranging auditions, script reading, coverage and correspondence. Prefer candidate with interest in graduating to full time manager as promotion is guaranteed for the right person (if becoming a manager is not your goal, this is not the job for you).  Minimum of 1 year agency experience a must.  Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.  Please send cover letter and resume to
Executive Vice-President of a studio-affiliated production/finance company is looking for an executive assistant. Candidates must be motivated self-starters, love to read, and able to manage a busy desk including heavy phones, travel, scheduling, have a keen understanding and passion for the motion picture business, as well as extensive knowledge of screenwriters, directors, agents, producers and actors.  Please e-mail resume and cover-letter to
Management 360 is seeking an assistant for one of our talent partners. Ideal candidates have an excellent educational background and a minimum of one year paid desk experience at a talent agency or management company. Must have excellent skills (rolling calls, travel, client schedules, attention to detail, etc.) and have a strong desire to be a talent manager. If you do not meet all these qualifications, please do not apply. Send resumes as an attached pdf file to
Independent television/film/digital production company seeks experienced executive assistant to Head of Sales and our Head of Business Affairs.  The ideal candidate must have prior experience supporting senior level executives on the business side, including functional business areas such as Business Affairs, Sales, Finance, or Human Resources.   Candidates must have 1-2 years of experience as executive assistant to a senior executive(s) at agency/studio/network.  Compensation is commensurate with experience.  Please send resumes to and write “Sales and Business Affairs Executive Assistant” in the subject line.
Telepictures Productions Inc. is seeking an Executive Assistant IV to provide administrative support to the President of the division. As part of executive offices, it is a very fast-paced production environment acting as liaison with Telepictures Productions executives to ascertain current status of various projects and on all division activities. Extensive executive assistant experience and Macintosh, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook required. Please submit your resume as an attachment and cover letter to
International Creative Management, Inc, a major talent and literary agency, is seeking an exceptional, highly motivated and detailed orientated Exec Assistant to support senior level exec and corp team.  Must be able to work well in a fast paced deadline driven environment.  Great opportunity to experience the exec side of the entertainment world.  Competitive entry level salary and full benefits package. Send resumes to
Seeking Production Coordinator for Executive at a prominent film studio. Knowledge of the development and physical production process preferred. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are integral, as are brains and personality. Ambitious attitude and the ability to play well with others are key to fitting in this environment. Duties include rolling calls, scheduling, expenses, booking travel, Mac, Excel, Word, Outlook, and Quicktime Pro proficient and working with the team in various aspects of the production process. This is a full-time, paid position.  Submit resumes and cover letters to
G3/ GRAMMNET, a POD at Lionsgate TV is looking for a full-time assistant. Duties will include all general assistant work (answering the phone, scheduling, handling travel, script coverage and research for potential projects). We are looking for someone with desk experience, who is extremely organized, thick-skinned and excited about the job. Please send all resumes to
Executive Producer on network, reality show is looking for a new office assistant. Looking for an organized, tech-savvy, and eager person willing to travel on short notice. Typical office administrative duties and editing abilities on Final Cut Pro is a plus. Must have a love for reality TV and knowledge of the space.  Email  resumes to
Talent management / Production Company seeking experienced Assistant for its CEO. Candidate must be able to work extremely well in a fast paced environment and be able to handle a busy desk.  At least one year of development, talent agency or management experience preferred. There is potential for growth. Please send resumes to
Leading entertainment advertising company seeks a Post Production Coordinator.  University degree and 2+ years experience.  Mac, Excel, Word, Outlook, SnapZ and Quicktime Pro proficient.  Knowledge of the post production process, tape formats, budgets, storyboards, research and finishing required.  Team player with exceptional people skills to deal with demanding clients.  Must be able to work very long hours under pressure.  Send cover letter, resume and salary history to:
Newly launched feature film production company is looking to hire a Development  Assistant / Story Editor. Responsibilities range from heavy phones and scheduling to script analysis and notes, and generation of information regarding talent and new material. Candidate must be mature, ambitious and have impeccable communication and organizational skills. Excellent opportunity for growth. Send resumes to
Major Film Producer seeks Assistant.  Producer requires somebody with celebrity asst experience.  Position is very fast paced.  Must be able to stay organized under high pressure and deadline oriented environment.  Must be very detail oriented, have thick skin, and good communication skills.  Duties include heavy travel, manage busy schedule, roll calls, and script coverage.  Must have reliable car, good attitude, and Mac / PC savvy.  Send resume/CV to
FlynnPictureCo. is looking to hire an assistant to the company’s primary exec. This will require general assistant responsibilities, as well as performing story editor duties (i.e. reading, coverage, tracking material, etc.). Rock star, get-it-done, thick skinned attitude is a must. It’s a small, but very busy company. One year minimum agency/management experience required. Please send cover letter and resume to:
Media Rights Capital is seeking an ambitious and hardworking assistant to support the Corporate Development and Finance departments. This is a demanding position at a fast-paced film and television studio with an Executive Trainee Program and growth opportunities for the right candidate. Must be detail-oriented and comfortable managing phones, scheduling, and working with Excel and PowerPoint. Ideal candidate will have a strong interest in learning the business side of the industry. Bachelors degree required. Please submit a resume and cover letter to
The Executive Producers of a reality TV Production company are looking for a very qualified assistant/coordinator. Candidates must have a four-year degree from a major college or university and prior experience as an assistant. The position offers strong growth potential for someone seeking an Executive/Producing path in media production, and provides the opportunity to travel. Please submit a cover letter and resume to Full Time Paid Position.
Looking for Personal Assistant to high profile individual. Previous experience and degree preferred. World-wide travel. Candidate will be creative, resourceful, positive, a go-getter, find no job too big or too small. Must have good communication skills, be able to complete projects in a timely manner. This position is for a personal assistant. Duties include errands such as organizing, shopping, packing for trips, mailing packages etc. Room for promotion. References required . Send resumes to:
Actor seeks personal assistant. Duties include driving (including weekends), personal/work scheduling, handling errands, general multi-tasking and personal assistant duties. Must have clean driving record and insurance.  Previous personal assistant experience is required.  Please email resume and cover letter to
Career Assistant need for Successful Film Producer. Discretion is key as you will be dealing with High Profile Individuals on a daily basis. Familiarity with the Entertainment Industry is preferred. Someone who can take initiative and think on their feet, always one step ahead. Experience running busy desk or assisting Entertainment Professional required. 20% Personal Errands including coordinating with his wife. Salary DOE: $50,000.
Major talent agency is looking for an experienced, Manager to Director-level publicist (with knowledge of corporate PR preferred) to work alongside head of corporate communications. Candidate must have trade and business press experience, as well as minimum 5+ years working at PR agency, studio or network. Candidates should have top-notch written and oral communication skills, including ability to write press materials under tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment. Growth potential. Position reports to head of corporate communications but will also interface with senior management. Competitive salary (commensurate with experience) and all customary benefits offered. Please fax resumes and cover letters to 310-205-5608. No calls please.
Entertainment PR Firm seeks assistant with prior work experience. Must be extremely organized, self-motivator, prolific writing skills, and outgoing.  Must have paid experience in PR or as an assistant. Responsibilities will include assisting the partners of boutique Film PR agency with film festivals, premieres, press junkets and more. Heavy computer and internet work.  Room for advancement within in company. Please send salary requirements with resume to
PR and marketing firm specializing in emerging brands and entertainment is looking for responsible and dedicated interns to start immediately and gain valuable hands-on experience with media and the mechanics of PR campaigns and strategy. Credit-only interns who have an active interest in all forms of public relations and marketing, specifically social media and website design/management. Applicants must be a dedicated, reliable, articulate, and personable. Must be able to commit to at least 10-15 hours per week.  If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to
Entertainment marketing company seeks energetic, ambitious, self starter to join our team and learn the business.  Fast paced creative environment.  Responsibilities include project management, event production, research and administrative support. Successful candidate must be detail oriented, have strong communication skills, able to multitask and interface with clients and talent.  Superior organizational skills, Microsoft Office, Photoshop preferred.  West Hollywood location.  Email resume and cover letter
Nancy Seltzer & Associates entertainment public relations agency in Los Angeles seeks an intern. This person’s duties include, but are not limited to: scheduling, answering phones, working on various projects, updating lists, organization, client interface, helping with events and red carpets.  Excellent verbal and writing skills are a must. Must be, organized, able to multi-task and be computer literate. Internship is unpaid, though there is room to advance in the company. Please contact via email to
Senior publicist at top firm seeking experienced assistant to manage busy desk with a-list client roster.  Duties include handling both publicist and client schedules, rolling calls, covering clients as appropriate, multi-tasking, etc.  Must be a self starter who is forward thinking and extremely detail oriented.  Experience required.  Email resume to
Red Light PR , a boutique fashion firm specializing in product placement, publicity, entertainment marketing and celebrity seeding seeks to fill positions in their internship program with potential transition to full-time employment.  Qualified candidates should have excellent communication/people skills, prior experience in fashion PR field, and open schedule availability. Email resume and cover letter as soon as possible to
PR firm based in Hollywood seeking motivated assistant with prior industry experience to work with A-list clients and red carpet events. Candidates should be extremely detail-oriented, outgoing, organized, and creative with strong communication skills. Also important, a knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook; Cision Point is a plus. We are looking for someone with a passion for public relations that wants pursue their PR career to the fullest. Place resume and cover letter in body of email as well as attach and send to
B|W|R Public Relations is seeking a highly motivated assistant for its Corporate/Lifestyle division. We are looking for an individual with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communication or a related field, to work with the Corporate/Lifestyle Managing Director and staff on a wide range of clients. Responsibilities include creating media lists, assembling press kits and clips, assisting staff with special events, media outreach, and administrative duties.  Submit resumes to
Entertainment Public Relations Firm, with A-Level clients, seeks an executive assistant to work for senior publicist.  Minimum one year of experience in personal publicity required but will consider agency or management. Candidates must have excellent communication skills and the ability to multi-task in a fast-pace environment.  Medical/Dental benefits.  Email resume to
Job opening for a Social Media Manager at a small TV production company.  Manage website, blog, and social media accounts. Mostly in-office but could have some telecommute hours as well.   We have two on-air television shows and more projects in the development stage.  Great opportunity to grow with the company and get plenty of experience.  Must take direction well, be tech-savvy and have excellent writing skills.  Please send cover letter, resume and writing sample to:
Online & digital animation/casual game company is looking for an executive assistant to work with the CEO in it’s Beverly Hills offices. Must have prior desk experience. Candidates must be extremely organized, have excellent communication skills and be proficient with both pc and mac with seasoned Microsoft Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel abilities. Not afraid of working hard and must have hands-on/proactive approach. This is an, exciting and friendly company to work for. Email all cover letters, resumes and salary requirements to and re: Exec. Asst. Position in subject line
Looking for a photographer/graphic designer to help assist with photos for a celebrity business’s website.  Applicants should have experience in high-resolution photography and knowledge of digital photography software. Attention to detail is a must and duties will include: taking & editing photos/updating website with new photos of product and being able to work 1-2 days out of the week. This is an hourly paid job and the candidate must own his or her own camera and equipment. Please submit resume and type/brand of camera to
CEO of a fashion based digital media company in need of detail-oriented, extremely organized and enthusiastic assistant. Will be responsible for heavy calendar management, booking travel, running errands, and maintaining general organization. No task is too big or too small. Must have a Bachelors degree or higher and be Mac proficient. An interest in fashion and/or digital media is a plus. Please send resumes and cover letters to
A-list management and production company in Beverly Hills seeks an ambitious intern interested in the digital side of the music business. Applicants must have a love for social media and experience with Photoshop is preferred. This internship is a great opportunity to gain work experience in digital marketing and the music management area of the entertainment field. This is an unpaid internship, so students must be enrolled in an accredited college’s undergraduate or graduate degree program and must receive school credit to be eligible. E-mail cover letters and resumes to
Marketing/Social Media Administrator needed for a well-known, high-end jewelry retailer in Beverly Hills. Duties include: managing the firm’s Facebook; managing Website content and updates; working with stylists; advertising oversight and some office assistance. Applicants must be fluent in social media marketing. Salary: $35,000-$45,000 depending on experience. Please apply to:
Constellation, an online movie theater channel, launching in November, is seeking dedicated fall interns to assist in areas including film research, PR/marketing, and social media. Interns will be exposed to a dynamic startup environment and will learn about the changing landscape of film distribution on the front lines.  We are seeking students who are well-organized, personable, ambitious, have exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and proficiency in social media platforms.  Ideal candidate would be available 3 days per week for a minimum of 3 months. Please send resume /cover letter:
Looking for a graphic designer/digital artist who is looking to gain experience. An interest in Entertainment/PR is preferable, but not required. Candidate should possess all or most of the following skills: Photo editing/manipulation, layout design, video editing, flash animation (this is one of the main qualities we are looking for), web design, drawing. Required Materials: Must have their own laptop , be able to commit to 15-20 hours a week and some weekends. This is a non-paid internship. Please send a resume to and/or a link to your online profile.
NON-LA POSITIONS (All Locations/All Positions)
Busy NY PR Department at cable network seeks a temp assistant who will complete 200+ Emmy entries, collect support materials and book nominee travel and accommodations for various high profile award ceremonies.  Candidate should be computer literate, detail oriented with strong communication skills and professional email etiquette.  Two years entertainment experience is mandatory. Responsibilities include heavy data entry, airfare, car and hotel bookings.  Email resume and cover letter to:
NY based film production company seeking Production Finance / Physical Production Coordinator. Should be self-motivated, with strong organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills. Strong verbal and written communication with ability to work extended hours during peak periods.  Necessary Experience: Coding, logging and processing check requests, wires and invoices. 1-2 years feature film/ TV accounting experience. 1-2 years assisting an executive. Bachelor’s Degree and proficient in Excel. Please E-Mail resumes to
New York based film production company is seeking a seasoned assistant for a top level executive. Candidates should have a keen interest in the entertainment business, an awareness of the key players and companies, and the requisite skill set of an experienced assistant.  The position is demanding and requires long hours and occasional travel. Please send resumes to
Constellation, an online movie theater channel with offices in NYC, launching in November, is seeking dedicated fall interns to assist in areas including film research, PR/marketing, and social media. Interns will be exposed to a dynamic startup environment and will learn about the changing landscape of film distribution on the front lines.  Seeking students who are well-organized, personable, ambitious, have exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and proficiency in social media platforms.  Send resume and cover letter to:
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, a creative advertising firm located in San Francisco, is looking for an executive assistant for the principal partner.  GS&P produces some of the most awarded and watched commercials in the world.  The ideal candidate would be personable, have industry experience as an assistant, be savvy to culture, restaurants and event organization and have overall good instincts. Requires traditional executive assistant duties such as answering phones, setting up meetings, organizing events, expense reports and other general office duties.   The salary for the position is between $60,000 to $70,000 depending on experience.   Email resume to Michele at
Acquisitions and Marketing Assistant: Screen Media Films, an independent film distribution company in New York, seeks a Marketing and Acquisitions Assistant. Prior marketing and assistant/office experience preferred. Responsibilities include scheduling, screening and tracking submissions, online research, assist in marketing campaigns for theatrical releases, including familiarity with booking ads, viral marketing, social media and general office management. Applicants must be proficient in Microsoft Office (InDesign and Photoshop a plus). Email cover letters and resumes to
Part-Time bookkeeper needed for boutique Talent Management and Development Company.  Must have prior industry experience.  Must be highly organized and detail oriented. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. Possibility for full time position.
INTERNSHIPS (Film & Television)
Award winning agency and production company is seeking 2 interns to work with an award-winning costume designer and stylist on a television promo shoot.  This is a great opportunity.  Candidate must be professional, motivated, flexible.  Basic experience in fashion world a plus.  Non-paid internship starts immediately and will continue on to October, 22 2011.  Please send brief email why you would be perfect and your resume in the body of an email to
Looking for a smart, hard-working intern to read scripts, write coverage, and assist with day-to-day duties at Muse Entertainment, a production company located in Studio City. Latest projects include the Emmy-nominated, The Kennedys and Pillars of the Earth. Position is unpaid. It’s a great opportunity to learn how the development process works alongside high-level execs, as it’s a small office with large projects. Academic credit offered. Please contact
Worldwide film production, finance and sales company based in West Hollywood seeks interns interested in learning about global theatrical marketplace.  Focus is on presales, financing, and festivals.  Part-time and full-time welcome.  Business school students encouraged to apply. Should be Mac capable and have excellent office skills including Microsoft Office. Must be receiving credit.  Send resume to
Leeding Media  is a top-tier US-CHINA co-production company currently seeking self-motivated interns with a strong passion for the Asian Film Industry to start immediately at our Santa Monica office. Duties include, but are not limited to: script coverage, research, running errands, copying, filing and phones. No pay, but college credits are provided. Interested applications should email their resume to:
Fluent Entertainment, a Beverly Hills based international film production/financing Company aligned with a major studio, has a part-time internship position available (1-3 days/week). Ideal candidate should be interested in the international film marketplace, researching, culling and learning individual territory trends, talent, information and data. Must be computer and excel literate and language skills would be helpful. Please forward cover letter and resume to:
Frederic Golchan Productions, associated with Radar Pictures, is searching for a development/office intern.  This is a great hands on experience as you will be working directly with Mr. Golchan.  You will work on specific projects as well as coverage, rolling calls, scheduling, etc.  College credit is available.  Lunch/parking is paid/reimbursed.  Must commit 2-3 days a week.  Email resume and cover letter to and
Frederic Golchan Productions, associated with Radar Pictures, is searching for a Mandarin Chinese speaking development/office intern.  You will work on specific projects, as well as coverage, rolling calls, scheduling, etc.  You will work directly with Mr. Golchan.  Specific projects are compensated and college credit is available.  Lunch/parking is paid/reimbursed.  Must commit 2-3 days a week.  Email resume and cover letter to and
Boutique law firm, which offers comprehensive legal services. Excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the legal ins-and-outs of the entertainment industry or business transactions. In search of bright, enthusiastic, reliable law or college students, who are eager to learn and are interested in pursuing a career in entertainment law. Good organization skills, attention to detail, high computer proficiency. Please send resume and cover letter to
A busy independent production company seeks an in house Creative Development Intern to assist with our day to day development and operational needs.  Applicants must have transportation to and from West Hollywood. We provide great references upon successful completion.  We are seeking thick-skinned interns who can multi-task and take initiative in chaotic situations!  Send resumes to
Point Grey Pictures, which released its first film this fall to critical acclaim, is seeking one intern in a fast-paced and open working environment. Position is unpaid but with several projects in development, our intern will be involved with every aspect. Duties include administrative tasks, covering scripts and assisting executives. Applicants best suited will have a strong work ethic, knowledge of film & tv, proficiency with Word & Excel and most importantly, a positive attitude. Prior experience is not necessary, though liking dogs and having your own transportation is. Submit cover letter and resume to
Talent management company is looking for a new intern. The company manages actors, writers and directors in film and television and develops features and TV series.  Opportunity for advancement for somebody interested in representation. Must have college degree or be currently enrolled. E-mail cover letter and resume to
Talent Agency Film/TV, Literary, Print, Voice Over & Commercial Divisions seek College Interns for School Credit. Ideal for Communications/Marketing/Film/Business & Television majors. Will work closely with Agency reps, resume must be text only and inside email, not attachment. Please send resumes to and title your email Film/Tv/Commercials Agency Intern (your name)(your city)(your phones).
Boutique Agency looking for interns who have interned in an agency or management company before. Must know phones, computers, have knowledge of the industry and be great with people skills. Please send your resumes to
Office of a Feature Director seeking intern while in prep for Major Fox Picture. To start immediately – Mid November possibly longer (TBD) Must have own car (will reimburse mileage) and personal laptop.  Offices are on The Lot in West Hollywood.  Please contact Luke:
Occupant Entertainment is looking for readers. The internship consists of heavy script coverage and research. This isn’t a “busy work” internship and doesn’t require office hours. Occupant is a small company and has numerous film, television, and web projects in active development. This position is unpaid. College credit is available. Send resumes to
Black Sheep, a radio show on Global Voice Broadcasting, is looking for an intern/producer. Responsibilities will include brainstorming topics, booking guests, partial management of social media, and audience engagement/measurement. This person will also be expected to be on-site live in studio with co-hosts every Tuesday night from 8:00pm-10:30pm (show is live 9pm-10pm). Please email with resume and short cover letter.
The Montecito Picture Company is looking for enthusiastic development interns.  Candidates should be hard working, familiar with script coverage, and excited to learn about the industry in a fun, fast-paced environment.  Internship is unpaid, and college credit is required.  Interested applicants should email their resumes to
Bi-coastal production company is seeking an intern for their office in Santa Monica. Interns’ responsibilities including helping the assistant with scanning many film documents, reading scripts, writing coverage and assisting with current productions and development, as well as standard office duties. This is an unpaid internship that requires a commitment of 1-2 days per week. If interested, please email a cover letter, resume and coverage samples if you have any to
Fuse Entertainment seeks motivated interns for the months of October-December 2011. Candidates should possess strong writing skills and a great work ethic.  You will be encouraged to ask questions and contribute creatively.  Script coverage and social media skills are appreciated.  Unpaid.  Must be for school credit. Minimum commitment of two days a week. Send resume and cover letter to
A busy and growing talent management company in West Los Angeles, seeks a friendly, outgoing and upbeat intern interested in any aspect of the entertainment industry.  Hours and time commitment are flexible.  We will work around school/work schedules as this is unpaid.  A great learning experience for anyone new to LA/the entertainment industry. Room for growth available for the right person.   College credit can be offered if needed.  Duties will vary. Please send resumes to
Inferno Entertainment is looking for production interns to start immediately. Applicants must have excellent phone etiquette with prior phone and office experience, please do not apply without prior phone and assistant experience. Interns will also be responsible for reading scripts and writing coverage and will talk with development executives about their opinions. Ideally, interns would be available 2 or 3 days a week. Apply with resume and cover letter to
Talent management company is looking for a new intern to start ASAP.  The company manages actors, writers, and directors in film and television and develops features and TV series.  Candidate must be organized with excellent computer and phone skills and have the ability to juggle various duties in a fast-paced environment.  Opportunity for advancement exists for someone with drive and interest in representation.  Must have college degree or be currently enrolled.  E-mail cover letter and resume to
Radar Pictures, a major production company, is looking for enthusiastic, hard working interns to start immediately. Responsibilities include answering phones as needed, script reading/coverage, research, assisting executives and assistants, errands, and/or general office needs. Excellent communication and organizational skills required. We are looking for interns who can commit to 2 or more days/week in our Westwood office. Please email resumes to
Major entertainment company seeks enthusiastic, hardworking undergraduate or law school student with an interest in film production/development.  Previous experience in the entertainment industry and/or classes in entertainment and transactional law a plus.  Excellent communication and organizational skills required.  Duties include conducting general research and assisting with the daily operations of the business and legal affairs department.  Please email cover letters and resumes to
Feature film production company is seeking development interns to start mid-October. Candidates must have strong literary skills and be willing to work 2 full days per week. Aspiring writers are ideal. Excellent opportunity to learn in a fast-paced demanding environment. Email resumes to
Verve Talent & Literary Agency based in Los Angeles is seeking hard working, motivated interns for the fall to start in early September.  Duties will include research, coverage, phone and database work and general office/clerical duties.  Candidates should be resourceful, able to multitask and excited to learn about the industry in a fast-paced and demanding environment.  This internship provides the opportunity for real hands-on involvement and a fantastic learning experience.  Internship is unpaid, but college credit is available if needed.  Please email resume and cover letter to:
Underground Films, a well-established production/management company, is looking for interns for their trainee program to start right away.  The position is unpaid. You will gain valuable experience and knowledge in the areas of management and production, as well as working in a creative environment.  Intern will have the opportunity to attend development meetings, client meetings, generals and listen in on calls. Intern must be able to multi-task as duties include script reading, answering phones, scheduling and other general office duties. No previous experience needed.  Please email resume and cover letter to
Hollywood based Advertising Agency/Production Company looking for a hard working and dependable intern available at least 2-3 days a week.  No pay but chance to advance and fun, educational working environment. Must be interested in film and television production as well as creative.  Extra work days will be PAID.   Great research and computer skills a plus. Please submit cover letter and resume to
Angry Films  is looking for highly motivated interns to assist as we move into a very active period. Job responsibilities would include, but not limited to, organization of script libraries, script coverage, regular office duties and phones, spending one on one time with producers assisting them, and whatever else we can throw at you. Applicants need to be computer literate, well spoken, own a car and have the ability to multitask and be organized.  Internship is unpaid. Please send cover letter and resume in body of email to
A management & production company in Beverly Hills seeks a diligent and ambitious interns who have a strong interest in different departments of: comedy, acquisitions and distribution. Tasks: answering phones, managing schedules, working with clients, and going on runs. This internship is a great opportunity to gain work experience in the management area of the entertainment field as well as develop your professional network and resume. Previous desk experience is preferred but not required. This internship is not paid so those interested must be able to receive school credit from their respective institution. E-mail cover letter and resume to
Weed Road Pictures seeks interns for immediate placement.  Headed by an Oscar-winning writer/director/producer, we are a feature film production company with a first-look deal at Warner Bros.  The internship offers students a tremendous opportunity to learn about the film industry.  It involves reading, research, errands, script coverage and typical intern duties.  You must receive college credit.  Minimum 2 days/week. Reliable transportation required.  Please submit resume and cover letter to
A busy West Hollywood based film financier and production company requires a part time intern immediately. Duties include office work and script coverage. Candidates should be enthusiastic, computer literate and detail-oriented. This is a great opportunity to learn and see how independent films are financed.  Position is unpaid, candidates must have script coverage experience. Please email cover letters, availability and resumes to:
Busy Beverly Hills Entertainment Law Firm focusing on motion picture development, production, and distribution seeks Intern. Firm has served as production counsel for Black Swan, The Twilight Saga and Thank You for Smoking.  Applicants must be highly motivated, self starters.  Interns work closely with Attorneys and support our Film Sales Division and Producer Rep with film and script coverage.  Unpaid internship. Undergraduates only.  Email resume and cover letter to
Sierra/Affinity, a foreign sales, independent finance and production company is looking for hard working interns to start immediately. Responsibilities include film festival prep, answering phones as needed, script reading/coverage, research, assisting executives and assistants, errands, and/or general office needs. We are looking for someone to commit to 2 or more days/week in our Beverly Hills office. We offer school credit to students enrolled in a recognized academic institution. Please email resumes to