Calendaring for Motion to Vacate and Set Aside Order on Amend Judgment

TO:    Judge Scott Patton                    FAX NO.: 510-690-2824
Superior Court of Alameda County    PAGES: 1
Dept. 507
Hayward Hall of Justice
24405 Amador Street
Hayward, CA 94544
Faxed and Emailed

FROM:     Abdul-Jalil
DATE:      August 10, 2016
RE:           Case MILLER VS HAKIM, Case: #OCV0574030

Dear Judge Patton:

I am sending you and Department 511 this fax and email to request a reservation number to file a Motions to Vacate and Set Aside the courts recent order on plaintiff’s motion to “Amend Judgment” issued on July 14, 2016 in the above entitled matter.

I came in today to file the motion but was asked to file a formal motion with the herein requested reservation notice. Please reply with the requested information so that we can serve the plaintiff ASAP.

We were not served in this matter for what is at least the FIFTH time and there is NO indebtedness. These facts are known to the plaintiffs and was resolved in 2007.

I am unavailable to appear in court on Tuesdays and Fridays all day and Thursdays before noon. Any time on Mondays and Wednesdays are fine as well as Thursdays after 2:00 pm.

Additionally, this matter can not be heard or ruled on in anyway by Judge Colwell as she has been involved in a previous matter that is still outstanding and has an irreparable conflict.

Call me if you have any questions,  and “Thank you” for your consideration.



Plaintiff’s Opposition to Tentative Ruling Issued February 3, 2016 by Judge Robert B. Freedman

7633 Sunkist Drive
Oakland, CA  94605
Tel: (510) 394-4501


Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, Plaintiff,
East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)

Case No.:RG14740943

Plaintiff’s Opposition to Tentative Ruling Issued February 3, 2016 by Judge Robert B. Freedman
Hearing: CMC and Demurrer Hearing Date: February 5, 2016, Continued from December 11, 2015
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Administration Bldg., 1221 Oak St., Oakland, CA 9460712
Department 20

Plaintiff’s Opposition to Tentative Ruling Issued February 3, 2016 by Judge Robert B. Freedman On Case Management Conference and Demurrer Hearing set for February 5, 2016, 10:00 a.m., in Department 20.

I, ABDUL-JALIL al- HAKIM, hereby declare as follows:

1. I am the Plaintiff in the above-entitled action and this notice is submitted in opposition the tentative ruling referenced above. I have personal knowledge of the contents of this notice and, if called as a witness, could and would testify competently to them.
2. This Tentative Ruling was made on February 3, 2016 by Judge Robert B. Freedman On the Demurrer to Plaintiff’s First Amended Complaint (“FAC”), filed by Defendants East Bay Municipal Utility District (“EBMUD”) et al. (collectively “Defendants”) on December 23, 2014, and continued for hearing in the court’s orders of January 30, 2015, March 5, 2015 and December 11, 2015. It further states the above tentative ruling will be issued as the court’s order, and no hearing will be held, unless the contesting party contacts the opposing party or parties and the Clerk of Department 20 by 4:00 p.m. on the court day before the hearing to state an intent to appear at the hearing to contest the tentative ruling. The Clerk of Department 20 may be contacted by email to
3. It is February 4, 2016 at 1:28 pm and I am herewith opposing the tentative ruling and further reiterate that I oppose any and every ruling issued by this tainted judge and have a standing objection to his continued obstruction of justice by remaining in this case prohibiting justice as “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied!”.
4. In compliance with the courts order I have sent this notice via email to the following parties:,,, dgoldberg@crosbyrowell.comand

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct, based on my direct first hand personal knowledge.

Date: February 4, 2016

Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim