Abdul-Jalil Trustee Assignment, Wellpoint Complaint, Retreat for the Holy Month of Ramadan and New Bankruptcy Case: #18-41048

TO:        Alex Tse                           Phyllis J. Hamilton
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Chief Judge Roger L. Efrensky               Martha G. Bronitsky
William Lafferty                                        Trustee
Office of the United States Trustee       P.O. Box 5004
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Attorney General of California                 Office of the United States Trustee
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cc: Clerk Edward J. Emmons ; bcc
Faxed and Emailed

FROM:     Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim
DATE:     May 14, 2018
RE:        Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim’s Annual Retreat for the Holy Month of Ramadan from May 14, 2018 until June 20, 2018 and Intention to Proceed New Bankruptcy Case: #18-41048 RLE

Dear Chief Judge Roger L. Efrensky, Martha Bronitsky, Alex Tse, Phyllis J. Hamilton, Xavier Becerra, and Tracy Hope Davis:

On May 3, 2018, I filed the new petition as promised, case #:18-41048, and was assigned Ms. Bronitsky again.

On May 8, 2018, I sent a letter to all above formally requesting a re-assignment to another trustee ASAP as I will be gone May 12, 2018.

I also called and left a lengthy message for Ms. Tracy Hope Davis the same day regarding the same request and the urgency of shortness of time due to my retreat. I have received no response and I filed that letter with the court.

As promised, on May 9, 2018, I sent all above the follow up letter with an updated complaint on the ongoing fraud by creditor Wellpoint Asset Recovery and their attorney John Bradley as this alleged debt was procured through fraud that is continuing!

That letter was sent to Tom Pahl- Federal Trade Commission, Wendy Kamenshine- Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, Mick Mulvaney- OMB, Selvi Stanislaus- Franchise Tax Board, David J. Gau- Board of Equalization, Alex Padilla- Secretary of State and Travis Poole- Travelling Mailbox.com.

We have filed criminal activities complaints and there are ongoing investigations with ALL the government agencies listed above regarding Wellpoint Asset Recovery, Trustors Security Deed Service, Dennis Lanni, with his partners Andre Scott, Deanna Montgomery, Colin Hammett, and Ken Madhvani and the alleged debt that was procured through fraud that is continuing!

ALL official correspondence sent to them by the Bankruptcy Court, Federal government, ourselves and attorneys at the address of their registered agent and business partner, Colin Hammett, at 4470 W. Sunset Blvd. #91234, Los Angeles, CA 90027, has been returned for months, “unknown recipient”!

Moreover, this is NOT a physical address for their alleged business operation, it is a “post office box” at the local UPS store!

We have checked with the California Secretary of State, Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization, Employment Development Department, official County business listings, and the Internal Revenue Service and there have NEVER been any listings for the alleged “School Trust #1321” nor “Sunkist Trust #7633” although they have filed legal documents listing them as a business entities in county courts and agencies.

All of their business filings with the Secretary of State, particularly the Statement of Information is outdated or non-existent.

This is important because Dennis Lanni, with his partner Colin Hammett have listed properties and business addresses at the below addresses yet NONE for Wellpoint Asset Recovery:
650 Howe Ave., #1030, Sacramento, CA 95825
2398 Fair Oaks Blvd Sacramento, CA 95825
2003 T St Sacramento, CA 95811
1709 18th St Sacramento, CA 95811
2208 Hillcrest Way Carmichael, CA 95608
3524 50Th St, Sacramento, CA 95820
2180 Geary Rd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
164 Lucinda Ln, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
4557 10Th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820
1709 18th St Sacramento, CA 95811
1495 Ridgeview Dr Ste 220, Reno, NV 89519-6334
320 N. 10th St., 100E, Sacramento, CA 95811

Mr. Lanni, Hammett and their myriad of connected companies include but not limited to School Trust #1321; Sunkist Trust #7633; Housing Group Fund Corporation; Trustors Security Deed Service; Eurisko Development; Wellpoint Asset Recovery LLC; Cosis LLC; Eurisko Development Solutions LLC; Otolum, Inc.; Otolum Corporation; Housing Group Fund LLC; Cdm Holdings, LLC; EOJ INVESTING, LLC; WESTERN MONARCH GROUP; ALTA VISTA MINING INC; and Dennis Lanni, with his partners Andre Scott, Deanna Montgomery, Colin Hammett, and Ken Madhvani, among others are the SAME entity assigned the lien by CSAA.

Most ALL of these entities above have ceased formal legal business operations, yet that is unimportant as they have operated illegally before.

In less than a year, the Assignment of the Judgment changed hands FOUR (4) times within the same individuals comprised of different collapsable Limited Liability Corporations or entities filed in county documents that DO NOT EXISToutside of those filings! There are NO formal nor legal state, county, nor city business listings for School Trust #1321, nor Sunkist Trust #7633.

They filed documents in Alameda County Recorders that were forgeries and fraudulent in an effort to foreclose on the property and attempted several proposed auctions of the home from the Alameda County Courthouse steps in Oakland, CA.

One forged document had “Jerline Wallace” and her alleged court appointment as “Trustee” for Clyde Wallace, that raised questions of “what was she appointed to do, why was she appointed, when was she appointed, where was she appointed, how was she appointed and by whom?”

There were even more questions about the alleged “Sunkist Trust #7633”, “who really comprises this trust, what type of business entity is it under the laws of the State of California, why was it formed, when was it formed, where was it formed, how was it formed and by whom?”

On May 8, 2018, I noticed this Court, while on April 10, 2018, I noticed the Superior, Appeals, and Supreme Courts, that I will be in the annual retreat for the Holy Month of Ramadan from May 14, 2018 until June 20, 2018 and unavailable to respond to any litigation. The creditor parties have already been noticed.

However, Wellpoint, whom was advised of my annual retreat OVER A MONTH ago, is attempting to hold litigation while I am in retreat. That was to be expected of them.
Again, I simply want to reiterate and make plain that I have every intention of completing my bankruptcy petition and discharging the debt and I will file everything beforehand.

Again, I ask the court/trustee/authorities MUST review the theft of my money in the Wong case, have her compensate me for my loses, and change it’s assignment of this case to Bronitsky and make a more proper assignment.

You are ALL being served and I will file this letter with the courts.

Call if you have any questions, and “Thank you” for your consideration.


Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim

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