City Attorney John Russo Threathens Reporter, Censors Show on His and AG Jerry Brown Corruption!!

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City Attorney John Russo Threathens Reporter, Censors Show
on His and AG Jerry Brown Corruption!!

On or about August 15, 2009 show Co-Host, Producer, and Lawyer Gabrielle Wilson informed KPFA listeners of an intriguing case she discovered in the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, the matter of Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim v CSAA, et. al.

In preparation for the show that was scheduled to air on The Gospel Experience Program- Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 8:30 A.M. on Radio Station KPFA 94.1 FM, in Berkeley CA. Miss Wilson invited three guests to participate in a legal roundtable broadcast to discuss corruption in the Alameda County Superior Court in the above referenced case. Her invited guests were the Attorney General of California Jerry Brown, Oakland City Attorney John Russo and Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, the plaintiff in the case.
California Attorney General Jerry Brown, responsible for carrying out the investigation of Alameda County Superior Court and State Appeals Court judges, District Attorney Tom Orloff, Oakland City Attorney John Russo and various corporate defendants in this case is himself defending some of the criminals and covering up the very same corruption he is supposed to be investigating and prosecuting! Full Story with Videos and Documents at visit page Attorney General Jerry Brown Defending and Covering Up for Criminals He’s To Investigate and Prosecute!
Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, the Uber-successful sports and entertainment manager/agent with Superstar Management, filed a federal complaint with the United States Attorney General, Department of Justice, of a hate crime of Islamophobia and Xenophobia committed against him during a trial in Superior Court of Alameda County, California. More on al-Hakim at
This case is the subject of an ongoing investigation into the actions of various Judges, court administration, State Attorney General, Alameda County District Attorney, Oakland City Attorney, various attorneys, defendants and their employees, agents, contractors, experts, and witnesses. This case is returning back to the United States Attorney General, Department of Justice, the local and Federal Courts.
Presiding Court Judge Yolanda Northridge Conceals Corruption

The Program was to air live over the internet on and KPFB 89.3 FM; KFCF- Fresno, CA- 88.1 FM;  KCSB – Santa Barbara, CA – 91.9 FM; KDRT-LP – Davis, CA – 101.5 FM; KDVS – Davis, CA – 90.3 FM; KHSU in Arcata, CA- 90.5 FM; KIDE – Hoopa, CA – 91.3 FM; KMUD – Redway, CA – 88.3 & 91.1 FM; KMEC-LP – Ukiah, CA – 105.1 FM; KNFS-LP – Tulare, CA – 98.1 FM; KUSP – Santa Cruz, CA – 88.9 FM; KVMR – Nevada City, CA – 89.5 &105.1 FM; KZFR – Chico, CA – 90.1 FM
During the week of August 23, 2009 Miss Wilson received a phone call from Evan Westrep from Brown’s office. He left a voice mail message for her at radio station KPFA stating he would pass her interview request along to Brown’s schedulers.
During that same week, Miss Wilson received emails and phone calls from Oakland City Attorney Russo’s press director Alex Katz. One email Katz sent to her and Sasha Lilley, interim Program Director at KPFA, with a cc: to Mark Moromodi, Supervising Deputy for the Oakland City Attorney, proclaiming that City Attorney John Russo was not involved in the case, yet he wanted her to answer questions as to why she wanted to provide a forum for the plaintiff, al-Hakim whom he alleged had posted threatening videos about John Russo. Heres an copy of that email that was a twitpic sent to our followers:

Katz followed up that email with a voicemail message he left for Miss Wilson after the close of business just hours before the scheduled broadcast was to occur threatening her and warned Miss Wilson not to broadcast the interview and demanded she speak with him before she aired the scheduled program. He did this though he wanted Miss Wilson and KPFA to believe that John Russo and the City Attorney’s office was not involved in the case and had nothing to hide! You can view the documents and videos of Russo’s corruption on the web page City Attorney John Russo’s Political Suicide

Luis Medina, a manager in the music director’s office at KPFA then calls Miss Wilson just hours prior to the scheduled broadcast and leaves a voicemail message warning her that it was very important for the broadcast not to occur. He also stated that there might be very serious repercussions taken if she were to proceed as planned. She even received a phone call from the long-time regular show host, Emmitt Powell whom was contacted by the station in response to Russo’s effort to censor the show.
Miss Wilson proceeded to host the program all alone to comply with the City Attorney and KPFA’s censorship directive…without any of her invited guests. You can listen to that voicemail message here. You can listen to that voicemail message here.

Miss Wilson was forced to make at least three announcements to inform the public whom had tuned in to hear this intriguing panel examine this critical civil rights and corruption case in an important election year, that this incredible show had been canceled due to KPFA’s censorship by Oakland City Attorney John Russo! You can listen to those announcements here.

Aborted Interview Announcement 1
Aborted Interview Announcement 2
Aborted Interview Announcement 3

Miss Wilson, whom has been a programmer on Ear Thyme, Jazz Passages and The Gospel Experience, among other programs, for ten years at KPFA, was all alone in the studio that holiday weekend from 6:00 am was terrified and frightened by all the threatening emails and voicemails from KPFA’s management and Oakland City Attorney Russo she had received. She did not know what to expect during every second and at every turn of the show. (for more visit page KPFA Show Host Combats Censorship By Oakland City Attorney John Russo
In Katz’s email above, with the approval Mark Moromodi, Russo requests Wilson and Program Director Lilley to answer questions as to why Wilson wanted Russo on the show and proclaimed that Russo was not involved in the case. He further directs them to host a show on the great work that Russo is doing with tenants in foreclosure. Yet he expressed his desire to censor the show with the comment that he was “concerned” because he alleged al-Hakim “had posted weird and threatening videos about John Russo on YouTube” so he wanted to know why they “was giving this guy a forum”.

Russo Entrapped In Extrinsic Fraud, Planted Evidence!!!

Russo never declined the invitation to appear on the show and arrangements were made for him or any of the invited guests to appear via remote-phone broadcast from any location he chose. There was no issue regarding his security and therefore no reason to fear anyone.
al-Hakim’s alleged “weird and threatening videos about John Russo on YouTube” certainly are not weird, he has over 100 videos posted on his YouTube Channel as a resource for the collaborators on two film, music and documentaries that he is working on, including one on this corruption case. The videos range from slavery to “Jim Crow”, the Civil Rights/social unrest of the 1950’s and the Free Love/Anti-War Movements, to the current Hip-Hop culture. There are videos of many of his clients heavyweight Championships bouts to Grammy Award winners performances, concerts from Russia and Romania to commercials with children, from his own appearances at the ESPN ESPY Awards to news broadcast on ABC-TV. The videos have never been censored by YouTube, have had tens of thousands of views, with mostly “Five-Star” ratings and comments that cover the gamut! They are only threatening to Russo because of their deadly TRUTH!!! The same TRUTH that Russo can not afford for the public to know! This is the same reason why he threatened Wilson, then forced the cancelation and censorship of the show.
If Russo is truly not involved in the case, what does he have to fear from such a harmless broadcast that does not concern him? Why would he care what was aired on KPFA? Does he get involved in censoring any other programs on air? Is he such a “vigilante” on any other programs that he is NOT involved in?
Russo was certainly prepared to appear on a show to boast about his racist enforcement of the foreclosure laws. So why was he so adamant about censoring the show and not allowing this broadcast on his corruption? What does Mr. Whistle Blower, Transparency, Accountability, and Civic Reform in cleaning up Government and Law Enforcement aimed at restoring public confidence in government while maintaining the Highest Ethical Standards have to hide from the public?
Unfortunately this is not the first time that Russo has engaged in censorship, intimidation, coercion, fraud and varied illegal tactics, quite the contrary, they have been his trademark in this case.

Russo “We’ll Shut You Down!!!”

In a Neighborhood Law Corp promotional video regarding another widely media exposed lawsuit against alleged slumlords, Oakland City Attorney John Russo boasts that certain landlords were being “intransigent” in cooperating with the City so “he attacked them with an army of law enforcement and City Officials”.
Russo and City Auditor Cortney Ruby stateded  they truly believe “that we want citizens to do as the City choses voluntarily, and if not, we will compel citizens to do it and if they fail- we will shut them down!”
As this “kick the minorities and stomp them when you get them down” tactic employed by Russo and the City Attorneys, shouldn’t they be shut down for their continued failure and refusal to provide answers why Russo, Mark Morodomi, Randy Hall, Janie Wong, Anita Hong, Sophia Li, Demetruis Shelton, Elizabeth Allen, Erica Harrold, Michele Abney, Eliada Perez, and former Oakland and San Leandro City Attorney Jayne Williams -now of the Meyers Nave law firm; and former employee Pat Smith provided the case file to defendants Stephan Barber and Ron Cook for nearly a year and failed to notify the court of this unpardonable illegal breach in the chain of custody of the file!? They have all failed and refused to provide the information sought by al-Hakim, and further failed and refused to appear under court ordered subpoena for deposition testimony twice and under court ordered subpoena for trial testimony and have caused al-Hakim and family to be forced from their $1 million plus home and office, foreclosed from an over $20 million law suit, and multi million business for 12 years thru the City Attorneys violation of the business and professional codes, extrinsic fraud, subornation of perjurious testimony, committing these acts under the color of law with unclean hands, and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. He did this with the aid of this same army of City Officials!
Demetrius Shelton, current President of the National Bar Association and City Attorney employee’s Voicemail “Russo Received Trial Subpoenas!!!”
Twitter Engaged In Censorship Regarding the Corruption on Behalf of Attorney General Jerry Brown, Oakland City Attorney John Russo and Alameda County D.A. Tom Orloff
(for more visit page Twitter Engages In Censorship
Shortly after Russo forced censorship of the KPFA broadcast of the show on his corruption, sent out a Twitter message to their followers with a copy of the email from Alex Katz clearly exposing his hand in the censoring of the show. The next day the twitter account was “suspended” for allegedly replying to tweets and “suspicious activity”!.
There is NOTHING suspicious about this activity and the tweets established their validity. Nowtruth has received several @mentions from people sympathetic to Brown, Russo and Orloff whom have tried tirelessly to silence this case and the information about it from getting out to the masses in an effort to protect them.
Just as Russo proceeded to engage in censorship by forcing the cancellation of the show and trying to conceal it from the public, those actions are public now as the reporter released a statement on their crimes of which this is merely another instance of. Now Twitter has joined them by engaging in censorship.
Twitter has failed and refused to respond to just what the alleged “suspicious activity” was, if and how it was investigated, what were the findings of that investigation, AND they have failed and refused to answer the burning question of whether they had been contacted by any of these parties, their agents, employees or their representatives, including Alex Katz, Joe Trippi, Jeremy D. Thompson, or anyone else regarding the “suspension” for the alleged “suspicious activity”
One certainly knows that if you were investigating suspicious activity in this case, you need to take a look at the actions of those that got Twitter to comply with their desire to censor this case and their continuing crimes for which Twitter founder Evan Williams, co-founder Biz Stone, and Twitter are now involved. al-Hakim and will not stop their civil and criminal investigation in this matter as they proceed, it only widens and deepens in it’s breadth and depth.
There’s nothing even remotely suspicious about the tweet, we will not be censored, and we are continuing to investigate ALL of these parties and their representatives, including Alex Katz, Joe Trippi, Jeremy D. Thompson, Twitter, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and their suspicious activity and to prosecute those involved in these continuing crimes. Website Hacked After Twitter Message On Corruption
On December 1, 2009 al-Hakim sent out another twitter message to his following regarding the censorship of the show with a link to the stories on and that evening, the website was hacked and sabotaged. Out of over 20 pages on the site, only 4 that address the corruption of Judge Jon Tigar, Brown, Orloff and Russo were damaged such that the public could not view them at all rendering the tweet and link useless. Is this not another example of their censorship?
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